New food app launched to encourage parents to improve children’s nutrition



The new Better Health campaign launched by the government today will aim to help families improve their lifestyles and diets.

The NHS Food Scanner app is one of the campaign features that will provide parents with healthier alternatives to various foods.

Recent statistics have revealed that 6 in 10 parents are giving their children more unhealthy, fatty and sugary snacks now than they were before the pandemic.

The campaign sees “Girls Aloud” star Nadine Cole and dietitian Dr Linia Patel testing the new food app.

The Netmums survey showed that 64% of parents are concerned about the health of their children’s snacks, with 90% of parents in the survey saying that an app that would help them make healthier choices for their children would be. beneficial.

Annie O’Leary, editorial director of Netmums, said: “That two-thirds or parents find they are giving children more treats as snacks than before the pandemic surprises me in the least – we’ve all eaten our way through the pandemic and I know my kids ate a lot more treats than usual.

“But thank goodness there is now something to help get us all back on track. And that it is the gold standard in terms of reliability, the NHS, hopefully means millions of families will download and use it ASAP.

“Buying snacks can be an absolute minefield for busy parents, so thank you for coming to the rescue once again, NHS.”

The campaign was launched after an increase in childhood obesity. The government’s obesity strategy is to regulate the promotion of less healthy foods to children. This was supported by funding of £ 100million to help families adopt and maintain healthier lifestyles.

Public Health Minister Maggie Throup said, “We know families have felt a lot of pressure throughout the pandemic which has dramatically changed habits and routines.

“The New Year is a good time to make resolutions, not just for ourselves, but for our families. Finding ways to improve our health is one of the best resolutions any of us can make.

“By downloading the free NHS Food Scanner app, families can replace foods in the weekly store with healthier alternatives and avoid foods high in salt, sugar and saturated fat.”

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