New Firmware Update Upgrades Autel Robotics Drone Features


Drivers of Altar Robotics’ EVO Nano and EVO Lite series drones can download a firmware update which adds features such as Dynamic Track 2.1 (person only), SuperDownload, 8-bit log video, HDR video and other improvements. Some of these new firmware features are now available for select models, and more features will be available for EVO Lite, Lite+, Nano, and Nano+ series in the near future.

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Dynamic Track 2.1: automatically track the subject of the video

With Dynamic Track 2.1, your camera drone will automatically track and follow the person, keeping the subject in frame and making long action shots easier than ever. The drone becomes a personal camera crew and helicopter all in one, small enough to fit in your backpack. Controlled by the Autel Sky app, Dynamic Track offers a variety of shooting modes for intelligent tracking, as well as access to safety and ease-of-use features, such as object avoidance.

SuperDownload: transfer videos and photos at 160 Mbps

Simply place a smartphone near the drone to upload photos and videos at 160Mbps using the Autel Sky app. SuperDownload will achieve the highest transfer speeds when connected to Wi-Fi.

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HDR and 8-bit log video

HDR video and 8-bit log help videographers achieve the perfect picture settings. The 8-bit log profile gives videographers more headroom and dynamic range to adjust video contrast, brightness, and color. With HDR, the camera captures images at different exposures and automatically blends them to provide more contrast and a wider dynamic range.

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