New electric vehicle car-sharing app launched in UAE


MOTOR has launched its car-sharing platform, Motor SHARE, which offers users short and long-term options at affordable prices. As part of its mission to reduce the region’s carbon footprint through responsible transportation, the platform will provide access to the world’s best electric vehicles (EVs) through its platform which includes the Tesla Model 3 and soon the Tesla Model Y alongside other major brands.

Through the MOTOR Share app, UAE residents can locate and rent MOTOR electric vehicles. The platform offers lucrative perks including free parking, free EV charging, comprehensive insurance, and affordable rates.

With rising fuel costs combined with the UAE’s ambitious Net Zero visions, the government has pledged to convert 20% of its fleet of government-owned automobiles to electric alternatives by 2030. The country has also seen a substantial increase in demand for electric vehicles. .

Hamad AlMazrooei, co-founder of MOTOR, said, “As more and more businesses and residents seek to convert to electric vehicles, our goal at MOTOR is not only to further accelerate the sustainable transition to electric vehicles, but we also want to make sustainable mobility more accessible, affordable and flexible.

He added: “Globally, other companies are tackling various aspects of this sector, including Eloop in Austria for sustainable car-sharing; Mercedes is building a virtual network of charging stations in Europe, Autonomy in the US is making a big deal of EV subscription, but no one in the world has been able to combine all the elements into a seamless solution like MOTOR . At this point, we are the only company that has been able to integrate advanced features such as remote cooling into its sharing solutions and more to come. »

In addition to accessing the features of cutting-edge electric vehicle technology and design, the MOTOR Share app offers advanced functionality, including the ability to cool the car before and during trips. Additional AI features will also be rolling out soon, including a “safety score”, which will reward safe drivers and warn risky drivers.

The MOTOR Share platform provides carpooling opportunities for consumers, who can enjoy the flexibility of renting a vehicle by the hour or for up to two years. Additionally, consumers also have the option of posting their own vehicles on the platform.

Businesses using the platform will benefit from numerous efficiencies, allowing companies to aggregate car rentals on one platform through customized mobility solutions, providing a flexible opportunity to increase the utilization of their own fleet car rental.

According to McKinsey, the global shared mobility market was estimated at $130 billion in global consumer spending in 2019 and is expected to reach $500 billion by 2030. According to BCG, in 10 years, car subscriptions could easily become 30 to 40 billion dollars. billion market. These two studies are mainly dominated by electric vehicles.

MOTOR aims to roll out its EV subscription service and charging network by the end of 2022. The platform also plans to roll out a sustainable driving rewards points system aimed at unlocking rides and discounts.

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