New ‘Baymax’ Series Features Controversial Topic ‘Turning Red’ and Trans Flag


In 2014, Disney fans discovered Baymax – an adorable inflatable personal health robot – in the movie Big Hero 6. Baymax quickly became an icon, with Disney creating the character in real life to welcome visitors to some of its theme parks. What many people may not realize is that Baymax and other Big Hero 6 characters are based on Marvel comic book characters. Although not as famous as superheroes like Iron-Man or Captain America, Baymax’s popularity never waned and Disney decided to give the character his own series.

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Baymax! — which is produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios – features the adorable robot doing what he does best – helping the people of San Fransokyo. The first season has six episodes, and each episode focuses on a person who needs Baymax’s help. One such episode is going viral for its content, which some consider “controversial”. The scene, which is being shared on various social media platforms, shows Baymax in a supermarket asking a woman which brand of tampons he should buy.

Baymax Series

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During her exchange, other women come to Baymax and tell her which feminine hygiene products they like to use during their menstrual cycle – from pads to traditional tampons and tampons that are better for the environment. However, that’s not the only thing that gets people talking. One of the women helping Baymax has a lower voice and is clearly wearing a T-shirt with a flag representing the transgender community.

Baymax Series

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You can see the clip below:

The clip quickly went viral, with many praising the series for representing all different types of women, men, and the communities they belong to. Others, however, didn’t think Disney should address such topics in a show designed for kids.

This isn’t the first time Disney has received backlash for addressing certain topics in its movies and TV shows. Earlier this year, Disney and Pixar released the film turn red — which was aimed at a young Asian girl named Mei Lee who was struggling to get through puberty. More conservative viewers thought Disney should leave that subject to parents, while others felt the film perfectly tackled a topic that was still considered taboo, even though nowadays it shouldn’t be.


Credit: Disney Pixar

All episodes of Baymax! are currently available to stream on Disney+. Disney has rated the series PG, which means parents with younger children may want to research the series further before allowing their children to watch it.

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