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Mezco Toyz revealed a new action figure for the classic Ridley scott sci-fi horror movie Extraterrestrial. This figure is based on the original design which RH Giger created for the Xenomorph. One of the main things that makes this design different is that the Xenomorph is translucent.

The design was not used in the film due to overwhelming technical challenges it presented. One of the main things being that the latex costume kept ripping. The production team ultimately created the black latex version of the Xenomorph.

The One: 12 Collective Alien “Concept Edition” features a seamless body designed with an internal skeletal frame that creates the feel of the creature’s suit from the developmental stages of the film. The aggressive eponymous creature has an articulated jawbone with interchangeable inner mouths, as well as an interchangeable chest plate pierced by the ASSO-400 harpoon grapple gun, as seen in the film’s final scene.

All of Alien’s props took on a semi-opaque, milky appearance to complement the originally designed Alien costume and honor the conceptualization of what has become one of the most iconic movie monsters ever created.

I love the design and it would have been interesting to see it come to life in the original film if they could have pulled it off.

This is a limited edition figure that will never be produced by Mezco again. You can pre-order it here for $ 100.

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