Neil Peart Drum Tribute Presents All 175 Rush Songs


A Rush fan paid the final tribute to Neil Peart in recognition of the second anniversary of the legendary drummer’s death.

Brandon Toews is featured in the video below Druméo, a brand of free drum lesson videos, where he performs perhaps the most epic drum tribute of all time.

According to the YouTube description of the video, “It’s hard to believe the world lost Neil Peart two years ago. We are grateful that his legacy will continue through his incredible work with Rush. So today – in just 25 minutes – you’re going to hear the best parts of every Rush song, in chronological order. That’s 175 songs.

The description adds, “He recorded entire takes in their entirety (no… we didn’t just piece it together song by song) and used the transcriptions available in DrumeoSONGS to learn the parts. You can find and learn the full Rush discography in the Drumeo member’s area! The setup Brandon used for this performance incorporates different elements from the drum kits Neil used during his 40 years with Rush. This includes the legendary tubular bells, gong drum and electronic pads.

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