Naraka: Bladepoint Wuchen joins the fight; Adds nifty features


A new update for Naraka: Bladepoint is here, and it features a hero who can conjure spirit blades and teleport allies and foes alike. Additionally, the update brings other new content, improvements, and bug fixes.

new hero

Wuchen, the mystical Taoist, has joined the fight. Despised for his mixed ancestry, Wuchen could use the pain he endured to spark a strong passion within him. It gave him the motivation to push harder and unravel the mysteries of heaven and earth.

He has quite interesting abilities. The first is that he can summon five Spirit Blades by manipulating the Qi around him. These things float next to him for 60 seconds and you can throw a blade at the enemy or all of them at once.

Spirit Blades: Array is a bit different in that instead of firing the blades manually, these items would automatically fly towards an enemy when in range, with a three-second interval for each.

Wuchen also has defensive abilities. Spirit Blades: Shield would conjure three Spirit Blades around him, recovering 200 armor from Wuchen and nearby allies in an area. Additionally, this ability can create a Qi barrier that can protect them from attacks.

The Mystic Daoist can teleport himself and his allies, thanks to the Rift Tai Chi. Basically, you cast a Yin Yang Orb to a particular location, setting it in place in the process. Then you press “V” to open a Tai Chi Rift Matrix that will teleport you and your teammates to where the Yin Yang Orb is after two seconds.

Overall, Wuchen’s abilities can provide great utility and damage when needed.

Update Highlights


  • windy maze

  • Court of Dragonthorn


  • Nunchucks

    • Optimized the counterattack moves of [Dragon Flurry]the second horizontal strike, and [Horizontal Block]in order to shorten the duration

    • [Horizontal Block]: Adjusted counterattack hit times from 5 to 3. Adjusted damage from 53%*4+84% to 82%*2+131%.


  • Battle Adjustments

  • Bounty Quests

  • Performance optimization


  • Optimized hero customization

    • Optimized some of the animations shown when changing outfits, equipping cosmetics, and unlocking gestures.

  • New face customization features

    • Added a new custom feature [Skin Type] to deal with customization. Here players can adapt to change the look of their character’s skin

    • This new feature can be found by navigating to Personalization > Modify > Skin

  • Added “Add from recently played” shortcut

  • Optimized avatar interface

  • BOT Mode Season Stats

You can read the full patch notes on the game official site.

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