Multiple Images of Unknown Windows 11 App Called “Designer” Leak


Microsoft is apparently working on a new app for Windows 11 dubbed “Designer” and several images of the preview version of the app have been leaked. Prolific Windows leaker and Twitter user WalkingCat, who also recently shared the alleged Windows 11 RTM date 22H2, spotted it.

Screenshots of the new Designer Preview app are below:

The leakster also explained how to access the feature available at for those who wish to experience it for themselves.

The term Designer has already been used by Microsoft to designate a product. For those who don’t remember or are unfamiliar with it, the Redmond company introduced a “Designer” feature in PowerPoint in 2015, which received significant feature upgrades a year later.

It’s hard to say for sure at this time if Designer is an enhanced version of PowerPoint functionality anyway as details are scarce at this time. The upcoming app may be about something else entirely, as there are a few other suspects that share aspects with the new Designer app.

For example, Microsoft’s publisher hasn’t had a significant UI update in a long time and has been long overdue for an overhaul. Designer could also be an upgrade to another older Office app called Sway.

Finally, Designer could also be Microsoft’s in-house solution and a competitor to Canva, a popular design tool available on Windows.

Source and images: WalkingCat (Twitter)

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