Moon Knight Introduces A Potential Reference To The Iconic Marvel Villain


Comic book fans are still in Christmas mode after Marvel Studios finally released the first official trailer for the upcoming moon knight series during the NFL Super Wild Card game on Monday. The series revolves around the story of Steven Grant who later adopts his true identity as Marc Spector, a mercenary who lives with dissociative identity disorder.

Naturally, the thrilling teaser for the Phase 4 series got a lot of fans talking, but other than all the chaos that ensued in the trailer, moon knight could arrange the arrival of Marvel’s biggest and most menacing villain. The final part of the trailer features a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moment as Spector tries to flee from mysterious goons during a car chase.

If you stop at 1:27, you’ll notice a huge box in the back of the vehicle Spector is driving that has the name “Von D” printed on it. Of course, this may seem like a lot at the moment, but what if moon knight is planting the seeds for the MCU’s debut of the Fantastic Four’s greatest enemy, Victor von Doom, aka Doctor Doom?

You see, in the comics, Doom is known as a skilled scientist and engineer specializing in aerospace engineering, electronics, energy systems, physics, robotics, superhuman physiology, and weaponry. It would be safe to assume that the boxes behind Spector’s vehicle might be stuff the villain uses for his shady activities.

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Although Doctor Doom isn’t considered Moon Knight’s greatest adversary, the two have feuded several times in the comics and the idea that the series is setting the stage for his arrival isn’t too much. wacky to be actually believed. I mean, Loki marked the debut of Kang the Conqueror, another famous Fantastic Four villain so…

moon knight will begin streaming March 30, 2022, exclusively on Disney+.

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