Mobot raises $12.5 million and launches a robotics application testing platform


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Mobot uses robots to test the quality of applications. | Source: Mobot

Mobot announced that it has provided $12.5 million in Series A funding and launched its QA-as-a-service (QA-as-a-service) platform for device testing. ‘apps. The company uses mechanical robots to automate repetitive human-like function testing in a real environment.

To use Mobot’s platform, you start by recording a video of the test you want to perform. This step does not require users to write test plans or code anything, just to record a simple video. Then users will upload the video using the company’s self-service test plan tool and tell Mobot how they want the test to run, whether on iOS, Android or another platform.

The Mobot team then converts the recorded test into an automated test using the Mobot platform and mechanical robots. Then it’s time for the bots to take over and start testing the mobile app. During the tests, the robot saves all results, data and reports within the platform.

Users can view all results on the Mobot platform and compare them to benchmark test results, pass/fail indicators, and bug notes from their CSM that guarantee noise elimination.

Mobot’s platform can automate testing for a number of challenging use cases, including complex hardware and software interaction, streaming data stability, backward compatibility testing, and critical action stability. The platform is currently used by companies like Citizen, Persona, Branch, Mapbox and Radar.

“Mobot helped us increase our App Store rating from 4.2 to 4.8 and achieve a 99.9% crash-free rate,” said Swamy Ramaswamy, CTO and COO at Sandboxx. “Our app is responsible for helping military service members send and receive physical letters with their families, so stability is crucial. Mobot is a critical part of our quality assurance workflow and regularly reveals issues. that have not been highlighted by our internal software testing process.”

The platform has eliminated thousands of hours of manual testing, increases testing efficiency, and captures more bugs in the app before the App Store launch than software alone can. Mobot’s funding round was led by Cota Capital and included participation from Heavybit, Uncorrelated Ventures and more.

“Software QA limitations mean that too many man hours are spent testing mobile apps to ensure they ship right the first time. Mobot’s non-obvious idea of ​​using physical robots for manual testing is an ingenious solution,” said Adit Singh, Partner at Cota Capital. “Its robot fleet is more reliable and gets the job done with precision and consistency. Mobot helps eliminate tedious manual testing so customers can ship their mobile apps with confidence, every time. »

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