Millions of iPhone apps will stop working as Apple launches App Store crackdown


iPhone users are being warned to check their apps this month as Apple warned app developers to update their products or watch them get tossed.

The US tech company has come under heavy fire from app developers who received warning emails telling them they had 30 days to add an update or face removal from the App Store.

Indie game developers are particularly affected, with old but finished software getting the chop despite not needing any updates.

Apple hasn’t provided an exact justification for the crackdown, but it may want to reduce the risk of hackers gaining access to iPhones through outdated software bugs.

Apple removes millions of functional and functional apps if they haven’t had an update for a long time

In a statement, Apple confirmed the change, saying: “Developers of apps that have not been updated in the past three years and have not reached a minimum download threshold, which means that the app has not been downloaded at all or very few times during a shift 12-month period: receive an email that their app has been flagged for possible App removal Store.”

The company added that developers can appeal app removals and now have 90 days to update their apps.

Some app developers have complained that their apps are terminated and therefore haven't been updated for a while
Some app developers have complained that their apps are terminated and therefore haven’t been updated for a while

However, the rule change is still the subject of an outcry from developers who say their apps don’t necessarily need to be updated.

A game maker said: “Apple is removing a few of my old games [because] they have “not been updated for a significant amount of time.”

“Games can exist as finished objects! These free projects are not suitable for updates or a live service model, they are finished works of art from years ago.”

Apple said the change would only affect an app’s placement on the App Store, and if an app is already installed on your iPhone, it should still work. So don’t worry: you can still play Temple Run.

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