Microsoft’s Outlook Lite app is now available in 14 countries


UPDATE 8/2: Outlook Lite is now available for Android in 14 countries, including Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, India, Mexico, Peru, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey and Venezuela.

As TechCrunch reports(Opens in a new window)the app is under 5MB in size, which is impressive considering that the standard Outlook app is over 80MB. As listed on Google Play(Opens in a new window)Outlook Lite works with Outlook, Hotmail, Live, MSN, Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Exchange Online email accounts and provides access to email, calendars and contacts (it also contains advertisements).

Although not officially confirmed yet, Microsoft should allow other countries to start using Outlook Lite in the near future, and hopefully before the end of August.

Original story 7/4:
Microsoft is expected to launch an Outlook Lite app for Android later this month aimed at low-end devices around the world.

As ZDNet reports(Opens in a new window)a reference to “Outlook: Outlook Lite for Android” has been added to the Microsoft 365 roadmap(Opens in a new window) on June 30 with general availability listed as “July 2022”. The app description simply states: “An Android app that brings the core benefits of Outlook in a smaller app size with fast performance for low-end devices on any network.”

Microsoft offers an Outlook app for Android(Opens in a new window) for years, but this appears to be a stripped down version allowing Microsoft’s email client to be available to a much wider user base. The worldwide availability and reference to “any network” suggests that Microsoft sees potential to take market share in developing countries and places where 5G, and perhaps even 4G, is not available. an option.

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Outlook Lite is not really new. Microsoft has already offered a lighter Outlook app in a few countries, but it was limited to personal accounts and therefore could not be used for school or work purposes. This new version of Outlook Lite will likely remove these limitations and might become a preferable option even for users with fast 5G connections and high-end smartphones.

If this sounds familiar, it’s probably because Facebook did the same thing several years ago. In 2015, the social network launched a Facebook Lite app for emerging markets. Then, in 2018, Facebook realized that developed countries also supported slow connections and allowed US users to download the Lite app. It’s still available on Google Play, but the reviews are far from positive(Opens in a new window). Hopefully Outlook Lite does better.

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