Microsoft has finally brought Teams to its own app store


Microsoft has now brought the Microsoft Teams app download to the Microsoft Store, offering a new installation method for Windows 10 and Windows 11 users other than a manual download.

Microsoft Group Program Manager Mik Chernomordikov shared the news on Twitter Monday, while publications including About MSFT and Thurrot confirmed that the software is almost similar to the manual install version of Microsoft Teams, which you can get from the Microsoft website. The current version is (, About MSFT Noted.

Welcoming @MicrosoftTeams at the Microsoft Store on @The Windows! 🙌

— Mik Chernomordikov (@mixen) May 16, 2022

The main difference is that the downloadable version on the Microsoft Store is only available for work and school accounts for Windows 11 since there is already a version of Microsoft Teams available for consumer accounts on the new operating system, Thurrot Noted.

Meanwhile, users can download Microsoft Teams for work, school, and personal accounts.

Microsoft Teams was created in March 2017 and is primarily available as a manual download, the post added. However, Microsoft has spent much of this year discussing its plans to streamline its productivity software suites.

Thurrot also noted that other apps, such as Microsoft Edge, have seen similar transitions from manual downloads to Microsoft Store staples as the brand strives to transform its image into a one-stop-shop for productivity software.

We expect to hear more Teams news at the upcoming Microsoft Build 2022 conference, which takes place May 24-26. Based on the session names, Microsoft might even discuss developments on how the metaverse might work with Microsoft Teams in work spaces.

The full catalog of Microsoft Build sessions is now available for public viewing ahead of the conference, with approximately 300 of the 500 sessions having some association with Microsoft Teams.

Registration for the Microsoft Build conference is free and you can attend virtually.

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