Mammotion presents the LUBA and KUMAR robot mowers during spoga+gafa 2022


Held in Cologne, Germany of June 19 -21, spoga+gafa is the largest annual garden and lifestyle fair in the world with over 800 exhibitors and 35,000 attendees. Booth attendees got a first-hand look at Mammotion’s flagship mowers through on-site demonstrations and product presentations. During the show, Mammotion’s dynamic exhibition stand showcased LUBA and its capabilities, allowing those at the Mammotion stand to be among the first to physically hold and see the product. Mammotion’s KUMAR mower, designed for commercial use, was also on display.

LUBA is the company’s first peripheral cordless lawnmower and is designed for residential use. Its advanced RTK system ensures accurate positioning within 2cm accuracy, and multi-zone management allows users to control mowing schedules, blade height and cutting routes. KUMAR is designed for commercial use and is a premium choice for professionals to handle mowing large lawns like parks or gardens.

“We have seen overwhelming enthusiasm and positive response following the launch of our LUBA Kickstarter campaign, further reinforcing the industry’s desire for new and innovative products,” said Jidong Wei, founder of Mammotion. “spoga+gafa was a great opportunity for us to showcase the latest developments our team has been working on at a fantastic event. We are proud to unveil our LUBA and KUMAR products amongst key industry innovators and challengers. industry, and we look forward to continuing to advance the role of robotic technology in the lawn care industry.”

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About Mammotion

Founded in January 2022, Mammotion is committed to leading a smarter and more efficient, eco-friendly outdoor lifestyle by providing innovative electric robotics solutions. Core team members come from the world’s leading robotics and drone companies, inheriting AgileX Robotics’ seven years of experience with advanced robotic chassis-based hardware and algorithm technology, Mammotion offers solutions next-generation robotics for professionals and consumers.

About AgileX Robotics

Founded in 2016, AgileX Robotics is a leading provider of mobile robot chassis and one-stop robotic solutions. With self-driving software and a state-of-the-art hardware stack, AgileX Robotics helps develop more than 1500 robotics programs in 26 countries for innovative robotics research and all industrial applications.

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