Love, Death & Robots Season 3 Features A Sequel


The third season of Love, Death & Robots kicks off with a sequel to the popular episode “Three Robots.” Here’s what the robots did.

Love, death and robots is an animated sci-fi anthology series that features new storylines and art styles for each episode. Premiering in 2019, the Emmy-winning series had many highly rated episodes, with one such episode being “Three Robots,” which received a sequel to kick off Season 3.

“Three Robots” unsurprisingly follows three robots on vacation as they learn about human life and how all humans were wiped out in an apocalypse. With satirical humor, a fun cast of characters, and a lesson in what really brought humans to their end, “Three Robots” has become one of Love, death and robots‘ most popular episodes. This is evident in the fact that “Three Robots” is the first episode of the series to have a sequel.

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With a premiere date set for May 20, 2022, Netflix actually posted the sequel episode to its YouTube page three days earlier. “Three Robots: Exit Strategies” takes audiences back to the barren war zone that is post-apocalypse Earth. It picks up with the three titular robots, K-VRC, XBOT 4000, and Elena, learning about the responses of the various human factions to the End Times and their reckless means of survival.

Filled with jokes about man’s effect on climate change, meaningless wars and more, these two episodes of Love, death and robots push the limits of hilarity and make sharp observations about the human race. And now that Netflix has released the trailer for Season 3 and this sequel episode, you can watch it freely to find out what these episodes and the series as a whole have to offer.

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While it’s no surprise that “Three Robots” has sequel potential, the continuation of this story was a complete shock until the season’s trailer. Almost every episode of the previous two seasons was set in worlds so creative and expansive that each one could warrant a full season. But the decision to explore the world of the three robots leaves fans with the possibility of believing that there could be more other episodes to come. It’s always exciting to see what new episodes will arrive in a new season of Love, death and robotsbut now that sequels to previous episodes are a possibility, it’s really unclear what might happen next with this fantastic series.

To see what new worlds she has in store, season 3 of Love, Death & Robots is now streaming on Netflix.

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