Lightyear trailer features robot cat in Toy Story spin-off


Pixar released the first Light year trailer on Wednesday morning, October 27, and while we love dog dad Chris Evans, who will be voicing the real Buzz Lightyear that inspired the best-selling toy in the Toy story frankness, that’s not what caught our attention from the start.

No, that would be an adorable robot cat that buzz interacts with, and that got us to speculate on why the creature would be needed.

While the scenario of Light year is not clear at this time, much of the action appears to be taking place on a dusty, Mars-like planet on which it would of course be quite difficult for humans to survive, and the animals would be too busy , although they might adapt to a different environment.

And even if they could, food animals like goats would be the logical first choice, leaving pets like pets way down the list.

One of the highlights of the Lightyear trailer is a robot cat.

On the other hand, especially if astronauts are stationed for a long enough mission, their psychological well-being would be imperative to staying strong, and therefore a pet would be an understandable necessity.

The robot cat in question is probably a male, as he is predominantly orange (and genetically 85% of orange cats are males; the reverse is true for tortoiseshell coats) with white markings.

From the foreground we see of it, the cat might not be a huge fan of Buzz, as they back away from each other in surprise, then in the second shot we see his head spinning. 360 degrees, which is probably from a scene where he’s scared.

And considering how Mr. Mittens the Soul Cat kind of stole the show last year, it was probably a smart move from a real point of view for Pixar to include him, although he it is also possible that they may also copy their corporate cousins ​​from Marvel Studios a bit. strongly, given the role (both in the actual plot and the comedic relief) that Goose the cat/ flerken brought to Captain Marvel.

Other than that, the other characters in the film are a complete mystery at the moment, although one of Buzz’s colleagues is a black woman who will likely be important to the story.

Light year zooms in in theaters on June 17, 2022.

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