Lightyear Hot Toy includes the Space Ranger and Sox the Robot Cat


Light yearPixar’s latest animated feature, is also Andy’s favorite film in the toy story universe, and one that will make you understand the character of Buzz Lightyear like never before. To celebrate the release, there’s brand new Space Ranger Alpha Buzz Lightyear 1/6 Scale Collectible Figure from Hot Toys! Voiced by the amazing Chris Evansthe movie gives us that star wars feel and it was the movie that Andy would have obsessed over that led him to want the cartoon version in toy form. Yes, it’s confusing, but go ahead. You can now own a figure based on the cartoon version of the live-action character from Andy’s world. Again, confusing but still fun.

Figure features “a stunning recreation of the Space Ranger suit, complete with all of Buzz’s badges and insignia. Multiple layers of weathering effects add to the realism. Accessories include Buzz Lightyear’s laser gun, blade, blaster cannon, a pair of handcuffs and Suite!” But more importantly, if you get the deluxe version of the Buzz Lightyear 1/6th scale figure, you also get his sidekick, Sox!

Sox (voiced by Pierre Sohn) easily stole fans’ hearts with his willingness to do whatever was necessary of him and his ability to decide quickly how much he was willing to do for Buzz Lightyear. This includes shooting enemies with darts and giving Buzz five minutes to figure out what his next course of action is. It also includes “Sox’s computer, plus the iconic wing pack – with two interchangeable metal wing styles!”

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Light year is another entry in the Pixar catalog and a classic to boot. It might sound confusing on paper, but it actually makes Andy want the new Buzz toy to make a lot more sense in the grand scheme of the toy story franchise. We see the world Buzz comes from, and that says a lot about his character. It’s a must to really understand the character of Buzz that we see with Tim Allenthe performance of in the franchise. It’s also so much fun that having a Buzz and Sox figure in your collection just seems perfect.

The Buzz Lightyear 1/6 scale figure and the Buzz Lightyear (Deluxe Version) 1/6 Scale Figureare both available for pre-order now at and it’s definitely a perfect figure to add to your collection if you’re ready to go to infinity, and beyond! Look at the picture below:

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