LG is back in the robotics game for CES 2022, baby


It’s CES season again and you know what that means – it’s time to show off some cool, wacky tech, including ROBOTS!

LG is leading the charge at CES 2022, with its showcase focused on “Today’s Innovations for a Better Tomorrow,” including a biiiiig delivery robot. So we are here for LG to remake robots, especially after LG Robot CLOi continued to have failures at CES 2018. LG is back on bots it seems.

LG is required to show a few more things in action at CES 2022 at 8 a.m. on January 4 PST (around 3 a.m. on Wednesday AEDT) but so far we have a handful of announcements (in addition to the few additional tech items that LG announced last week).

LG’s main goal this year is to improve your life through technology and innovation. It will show a short film called A better life for you, which will preview along with all other announcements during LG’s live broadcast. If you want to watch LG’s CES 2022 livestream, you can find it here.

As part of this short film, several technological elements will be previewed by LG, including a pedestal fan, this door-to-door delivery robot, a private mobile screen and a portable workspace (i.e. strange that we are going to access). Let’s go.

LG’s new door-to-door robot

The robot at CES 2022? God damn it. LG will showcase the new ‘CLOi’ door-to-door delivery robot at CES 2022, which is apparently ready to ‘go live’. It has a pretty face and appears to have a capacity of several liters, running on wheels with what looks like a large antenna on the side.

Image: LG

The intention is obviously short-haul deliveries, but we can’t wait to see this thing in action. Will this robot stumble and fail like its 2018 counterpart? We’ll have to see, but for now it looks like a cube on wheels, a bit like WALL-E. CES would be nothing without its wacky robots.

LG CES 2022
Image: LG

LG’s new screens

So far, LG has unveiled two new displays at CES 2022. The first of these is a conventional LG OLED TV, dubbed the “LG OLED TV evo Gallery Edition,” which uses a sleek form factor without compromise the image quality or brightness. The model shown through the press images is a fairly tall boy.

LG CES 2022
Image: LG

The other display is the “LG StanbyME” (real name), which was first revealed in December, but we’ll take a closer look at it at CES 2022. It looks like the medium used has changed slightly since its debut in December, however, it’s still largely the same beast – a largely portable display that can fit. anywhere and operate wirelessly.

Image: LG

The LG mobility concept solution

One of the strangest things we have to show you from LG’s CES revelations is the LG Omnipod, a portable living room, entertainment center, or home office, intended for portable use.

It is a conceptual device intended to blur the boundaries between home and car, giving us a concept of a future vehicle. It actually looks like inside the LG Connected Car concept presented at CES 2020, but as at the time, it is only a concept.

LG CES 2022
Image: LG

The Omnipod is designed to be a desk away from the office, showcased through press footage at a campsite, even featuring what looks like a small minibar. It’s a weird concept and I’m totally here for it, go ahead LG.

LG Home Products

LG is showing off a few new home products at CES 2022 this year, including a new washer-dryer set, the LG AeroTower (which is a pedestal fan) and the LG Tiiun, an indoor garden. You can find these devices in the LG Home area at CES 2022.

Image: LG

I love your job, LG. Keep it up.

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