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Tesla continually updates its vehicles with changes or new features, and the same goes for the mobile app. The company recently updated its mobile app (Android/iOS) to version 4.9, and it now displays all reminders for the connected vehicle.

The Twitter account Tesla_app_iOS first spotted this change, and now it looks like it’s rolling out to more users. While the “service” menu previously displayed appointments and information regarding upcoming services or appointments, the company will now be able to send a notification to owners indicating that a recall is available for a specific vehicle.

The change makes the app’s Service menu capable of displaying web pages, and the company can send alerts and recall information there, rather than updating the app each time a reminder occurs.

Once you’re on the latest Tesla app and the recall information is available, it will be easy to find in the service menu. According to reports from Notateslaappowners can press a “learn more” button to get more information, schedule an appointment, or get updates on that specific recall.

Tesla App Recall Information
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Tesla recently issued a recall for vehicles going through stop signs, then the company released an over-the-air software update (and recall) for a speedometer issue, and those probably aren’t the last.

However, Tesla recalls are usually related to software and not hardware issues, which means owners rarely need to visit a Tesla service center or do anything. Instead, the car receives a software update that fixes the problem.

Previously, many of Tesla’s software-like reminders, like the one to disable rolling stops or turn off boombox mode, received a more comprehensive vehicle update. So the reminder information is displayed in the additional notes section of the upgrade.

Tesla will likely continue to offer details and notes on each software upgrade and display reminder information in the dedicated mobile app. Since the feature is still new, we don’t know if users will get a notification when a reminder is available, but that would be the best way to make full use of this new feature.

Keep in mind that the feature does not appear in all regions yet, even though the changes are present in the latest 4.9 release. The company might release it slowly for specific markets, so we’ll have to wait and see.

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