JJ Abrams and Gabe Newell in talks, tease Bad Robot game and “Half-Life” or “Portal” movie



JJ Abrams and Gabe Newell just revealed on stage at the 2013 DICE summit that the two discuss collaborative film and gaming projects in the future. Newell said the two had been having conversations, and now “we’ve reached the point that we’ve decided to do more than just talk.” JJ Abrams then gave us a taste of what the two were up to. Presumably speaking on behalf of his production company, Bad Robot, Abrams said onstage that “there’s a game idea we’d really like to work on with Valve,” and Newell replied, “We’re very excited about this. subject and we also want to talk about making movies either a Portal a movie or a Half-life movie.”

“[This] is as real as anything in Hollywood. “

Neither man developed further, but Newell revealed that the stage talk was a recap of “a series of conversations” the two men once had with the intention of a collaborative project. Beyond the big tease, it’s clear from the on-stage conversation that the two really enjoy each other’s work. At one point, Newell specifically called out one of his favorite scenes from Cloverfield, while Abrams said “I love the experience of playing your games” while complimenting that in Portal “There is this incredible mystery that pulls you forward.” If JJ Abrams gets involved in a Valve movie, it would only be the producer-director’s latest legendary franchise – he’s directing the upcoming two. Star wars and Star Trek movie theater.

Update: Polygon heard from JJ Abrams, and he sparingly has few new details about the collaborations that were teased today. The filmmaker says that the plans of a Portal Where Half-life The movie is “as real as anything in Hollywood … ie we’re really talking to Valve, we’re going to bring in a writer, we’ve got a lot of really interesting ideas.”

He’s also voiced the possibility of making films in both universes, and he’s tried to allay typical fears when gamers hear that work is being done on a film adaptation of a video game. Abrams said Polygon that “our goal here is to treat the world that Valve has created in these two properties like anyone would with a book or a great story that comes from an original pitch or script – just to deal with it. the respect they treat their games and their players with. ” Finally, regarding the game produced by Bad Robot that Abrams teased, the filmmaker said “we are not looking to make a movie in the gaming world, we are not trying to impose what we do on it. , we’re looking for. I’m looking forward to harnessing some of our strengths and collaborating with some of these amazing minds who make some of my favorite games. “

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