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Players were experiencing a slightly dry spell towards the end of the previous season, leaving the community hungry for new content. Thankfully, Respawn has taken control, literally, and added an exciting new LTM and Legend that brings new ways to play.

Season 12 of Apex Legends has officially arrived, giving players the chance to dabble in all the new content.

After a massive season that brought a brand new map, Season 12 definitely feels like a smaller update than its predecessor. However, one mode has definitely managed to steal the show from the chaos of a fiery new Legend and Olympus map update.

Apex Legends Season 12 Review

Maggie brings madness

Respawn Entertainment has made another great addition to the Mad Maggie Legends roster. With a fiery attitude, this legend brings yet another aggressive playstyle to the game, as his kit is built for destruction.

Maggie entered the game and almost immediately changed the way players engage in combat when she’s around. His tactic, Riot Drill, is arguably the best thing about his kit, as the ability to damage players through objects and walls is extremely strong.

Not only does she provide a viable counter to Gibraltar’s Dome Shield, but her Ultimate gives her and the team a mobility advantage, which is very powerful in a game like Apex.

Maggie’s Passive is also a slight buff to shotguns, as anyone who uses legend will also have increased mobility. Maggie arrives strong, but not overpowered. This is similar to Ash’s arrival, as it looks like the devs have cracked down on adding balanced legendaries to the game.

Refreshing Updates

phase pilot olympus apex legends

Apex Legends Season 12 also brought some refreshing updates to Olympus’ beloved map. Along with two new points of interest, the update also expanded the map, drawing attention away from the hectic location of Hammond Labs.

That said, there are still areas of the map that look like they could use some work. For example, the area around Power Grid and Rift could definitely use some improvements, as combat in these areas isn’t as satisfying as other POIs and chokes.

Hot and cold

apex legends lifeline crypto ash

The overall changes for Legends were solid, with Crypto getting a much-needed overhaul that no doubt made him feel much stronger and more competitive. Caustic’s Gas Traps nerf also worked well, as it didn’t make the legend less effective at slowing down fights, but it did become fairer to push a team with a Caustic.

One issue that now seems to be apparent, however, is that heavy weapons definitely don’t feel as strong without the Flatline in the floor loot pool. Since switching to the Replicator, the R-301 is pretty much the only reliable assault rifle currently in the game, especially now that the Volt is in the Care Package, which despite being an SMG , was also a reliable mid-range weapon.

Also, the fact that we didn’t get a new weapon this season is slightly disappointing, and the Triple Take nerfs feel slightly unwarranted.

New LTM control steals the show

apex legends fights gibraltar and wattson

Regardless of the disappointing weapon changes, Olympus map update, and new Legend, the Control LTM is by far the most notable addition to Apex Legends in Season 12. that for the first three weeks of the season, players are already calling for Control to become a permanent mode in the game, and the developers have confirmed its return.

Control offers a whole new way to play Apex Legends that players have never experienced before. The massive nine-on-nine teams and objective-based gameplay work extremely well in the Apex format.

The mode’s ranking system motivates players to play for the team and achieve the goal, while also focusing on individual performance. We could definitely see the mode with its own ranked playlist, which speaks to the quality of the mode.

The only thing missing from this mode are its own custom and exclusive maps, much like what they have for the 3v3 Arenas mode. There must also be a mechanism in place to punish leavers as well, as this can ruin a game if one of the teams is handicapped by the number of players.

Control among madness

apex legends season 12 legends

In conclusion, the brand new LTM control definitely seems to be the best addition of this update. Considering that Season 12 didn’t bring any new weapon, map, or significant lore changes, the update does a great job of freshening up the game, especially after such a massive Season 11.

That said, many are upset with Respawn’s focus on getting money from its players with new collectible events and prestige skins. Hopefully Respawn can right this wrong and fulfill their promise of fair monetization.

While it doesn’t feel like a major update, Control and Mad Maggie gave Apex Legends players brand new ways to play the game, a testament to BR’s growing success.

Verdict: 7/10

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