JD com: the app hosted 69.1 billion interactions and gave away $240 million at the 2022 Spring Festival gala



by Viviane Yang

A total of 1.5 billion RMB ($240 million) of virtual red envelopes and physical gifts were distributed amid 69.1 billion interactions in the JD app during the Spring Festival Gala TV program of this year, marking the highest number of giveaways in the popular national interactive history of the show’s campaign. JD.com is the exclusive interactive partner for this year’s gala hosted by China Media Group.

Views participated in the interactive campaign in the JD app during the 2022 Spring Festival Gala

JD Cloud, JD Technology’s cloud computing service, successfully managed the huge traffic spike to ensure a smooth and engaging experience during the show. The simultaneous influx of user traffic into the system is believed to be the highest level ever seen anywhere in the world for a single event handled solely by JD’s own computing resources.

Seven rounds of phone-shaking activities were incorporated into the four-hour live broadcast which aired from 8 p.m. Beijing time on January 31.stwhen netizens competed for a variety of prizes on JD – in addition to virtual red envelopes for money, thanks to JD’s supply chain capacity and close cooperation with brands, the company also handed out a slew of freebies like cell phones, televisions, nutritional products, and even free car leasing at the same time.

The interactive campaign on JD’s App will last until February 15andthe Lantern Festival, making it the longest campaign of its kind.


During the four-hour gala from 8 p.m. to 12 p.m., more than 80,000 families won New Year’s gifts through the interactive campaign, featuring items from popular brands such as Pico Neo3 VR glasses, BOSIDENG down jackets, bed sheets Shuixing Home Textile, lights from Opple Lighting, skincare products from Dr. Yu and more.

During the gala, sales of medium to high-end Chinese baijiu increased 11 times year-on-year on JD.com. The buzzword “New Year’s gift box” has been searched for over 110 million times on JD Super, JD’s omnichannel supermarket. Sales of low sugar baked goods gift sets increased 6x year-on-year, Enfamil Premium A2 formula increased 230% daily average during festival promotion on JD Worldwide, JD’s import product business and Pedigree Petfoods’ sales grew 12x year over year, just to name a few.

At the same time, the trading volume of Xiaomi products on JD exceeded 100 million RMB, that of Pico products increased 50 times over the same period of Lunar New Year last year. Searches for Anta’s winter sports products increased fourfold year-on-year; and 20,000 users searched for Voyah FREE, Dongfeng Motor’s electric SUVs on JD, which is the brand that also offered free leasing to lucky users in the campaign.

JD App homepage during the Spring Festival Gala

JD’s big Chinese New Year promotion which started on January 9thand and will last until February 7and have so far helped 3 million rural households to sell more than 39 million agricultural products, adding about 1,700 RMB of income per household. Supported by JD’s rural revitalization program, a number of local Chinese delicacies such as hairy crabs from Suqian in Jiangsu province have become well known and accessible throughout the country. JD also put these agricultural products in the spotlight at the gala for greater market opportunities.

On the offline shopping side, more than two-thirds of offline stores on JD’s local on-demand retail platform will open during the holidays, including supermarkets, pharmacies, florists, shops mobile phones, baby and mother stores, liquor stores and more, to provide supplies and timely delivery service to more than 1,700 counties and cities across China.


At 10:06 p.m. during the New Year’s Eve live broadcast, Ms. Li from Bijie of Guizhou, a landlocked province in southwest China, became the first recipient of a gift won during the gala’s interactive campaign. .

This year marks the 10th consecutive year that JD.com has committed to providing delivery service to all parts of the country during the Spring Festival holiday, and more than 200,000 JD couriers remained at their posts to ensure that customers can receive their orders as usual.

The first interactive campaign gift delivered to the home of the lucky user

Meanwhile, the company has allocated an allowance of 400 million RMB ($63 million) to take care of its employees who remain on site during the festival, contributing to the stability of operations in sales, logistics, the technology support and more.

As orders surge during Chinese New Year big promotion, JD ensures low-carbon journey for packages transported from warehouses to customers’ homes, including increasing use of greener packaging, photovoltaic energy , electronic vehicles, new technologies in data centers and more. On the packaging side alone, JD has massively reduced carbon materials in 95% of its delivery cartons and introduced recyclable cartons and original packaging developed in collaboration with manufacturers, and it is estimated that every package JD delivers can save in average 400 grams of CO2 compared to the traditional method.


JD Cloud successfully strengthened technology operations for the gala campaign and JD’s supply chain execution simultaneously during the event. Its hybrid cloud operating system handled the rush of traffic well during the gala when the anchors asked hundreds of millions of viewers to shake their phones together.

The computing task, as daunting as the number implies, is paramount to ensuring a smooth red envelope typing experience. However, it only took JD Cloud teams 19 days for technical preparation without adding additional server resources.

More than 70 data centers, nearly 3 million dockers, more than 10 million computing power and hundreds of specialized teams were mobilized for the project. This is undoubtedly a significant achievement for JD’s cloud computing system, proving its proficiency in handling QPS or instantaneous traffic spikes of huge volume, as well as frequent scenario changes on computing resources on such a large scale.

JD Cloud teams ready for the gala

A JD Cloud spokesperson noted that JD’s technology capabilities and experiences have accumulated over the years through an array of major shopping festivals such as JD’s 618 and Single’s Day Grand Promotions, and serving more than 550 million active users and managing nearly 10 million self-operated SKUs on a daily basis, which has sharpened the platform’s ability to pass this gala test with flying colors.


For many overseas Chinese, they can also enjoy the red envelope gala campaign as well as JD’s cross-border e-commerce service on JD’s Overseas Chinese website. For this year’s Spring Festival, Chinese customers living in Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, the United States, Canada, Australia and other regions ordered 4.5 times more Chinese brand products on JD.com compared to the same Lunar New Year period last year.

Ms. Liu and her daughter living in New York read Chinese children’s books purchased from JD.com

In recent years, JD.com has intensified its efforts to strengthen its integrated supply chain capabilities in the international arena, positioning itself as the technology and service solution provider to promote trade between China and the world through its services. to brands, retailers and customers around the world. .

To date, JD’s global supply chain network covers more than 220 countries and regions around the world, with its international logistics arm operating approximately 80 bonded and overseas warehouses and multiple cargo flight routes between China and the United States, United Kingdom and Thailand. With various shipping services by air, rail, sea and truck as well as other cross-border services, overseas orders can be delivered door to door in as fast as 48 hours.

Last January, JD.com opened four branches of its robotic supermarket chain “ochama” in the Netherlands, which marks the country’s first omnichannel retailer that offers both food and non-food products in a single app. purchase. Additionally, JD.com and Shopify announced a partnership to create an accelerated channel for US merchants to sell in China and access quality Chinese products to the US market.

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