Jackbox Party Pack 9 adds QR Login moderation features


The next installment in Jackbox Games’ flagship trivia series, the Jackbox Party Pack 9, slated for release in fall 2022. Like the previous party pack entries, it will bring with it five new games to try out with friends and family at the next gathering or online. Additionally, however, Jackbox Games is announcing the implementation of two much-requested new “quality of life” features to make session management easier.

The first novelty is an extension of the moderation functions introduced with Jackbox Party Pack 7. Specifically, players will now be able to kick other players out of an active session. In a blog detailing the feature, Jackbox Games said the ability to kick players out of the game was “one of the [their] most requested features of all time”. The inability to kick a player has proven to be a liability, especially for players who live stream publicly. If a session code was guessed or displayed accidentally, random players could join someone’s session, potentially locking out favorite or invited participants. Jackbox Party Pack 9 will allow a player to take on a moderator role and select which players need to be kicked out of the game or from the lobby. Kicked players will not be able to join the game.

In addition to the launch function and other feedback management features, the game will support QR code-based login, which will make it easier for participants to join a session from their mobile device.

As for the games themselves, Jackbox Party Pack 9 will have 5 games to play: Fibbage 4, Junktopia, Non-sensory, Roomerangand Quixort.

Here is a description of each game.

Fibbage 4

Fibbage 4 returns, and remains an irreverent bluff game. Players will get a true fact with a hidden keyword or phrase. They have to trick other players by entering lies that match the blank.


junktopia is a new game where players are turned into frogs by a deranged wizard. They must regain their humanity by finding old items and giving them a fun backstory to increase their value.


Non-sensory joined the Jackbox Party Pack 9 like a combination of writing, drawing and guessing. Players will use creative prompts to test their NSP (non-sensory perception) levels, trying to figure out the “secret nonsense” in their friends’ minds.


roomerang involves prompting, role-playing, and competing in a fake reality TV show. Players are asked to respond while inhabiting their characters in-game, in order to avoid elimination and gain status. Here’s a video of the devs playing a work-in-progress build roomerang.


To finish, Quixort challenges players to sort a series of objects based on a prompt. Objects fall on bot-guided blocks, which adds time pressure and a need for cooperation in deciding where each trivia block should fall. No trailer was available for the game, but this screenshot shows a version of the interface.

The Jackbox Party Pack 9 coming to PC in fall 2022. Other platforms have yet to be announced. Check out Siliconera’s review of the previous episode, which is available on PC, Mac, Linux, PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and TV-based mobile platforms.

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