iOS 16 public beta reveals new features; Allows users to edit sent messages, remove CAPTCHAs, etc.


Apple may have just released the busiest iOS operating system in a while. The highly anticipated iOS16 contains features that most likely stem from Apple’s suggestion box dump. Some features included in iOS 16 are those already mentioned by their user base in the iOS 15 beta. Find this discussion at Reddit.

At its 2022 Developer Conference in June, Apple just released a preview of iOS 16, the next major update to the iPhone operating system.

The operating system is now in public beta, and iPhone 8 models and new iPhone devices will receive iOS 16 this fall.

Major changes like the option to customize your lock screen and much-requested features like the ability to edit and unsend iMessage texts are all included. This operating system also has more security and customization features.

Edit iMessage texts

It happens to the best of us: you intended to send a different message, but oops, a pesky predictive text or a simple typo took you completely out of context. Sending typos is embarrassing for the sender, but it can be hilarious and annoying for the recipient.

Finally, Apple will now let you recall those annoying typos. With iOS 16, Apple users can also delete these reminded messages, after which a small “edited” status will appear in the text box. This unsend feature will prevent you from sending another confusing text to your friends and family. CBS also tells us that users can now mark messages and threads as unread.

New lock screen features

One of the most underrated features of the iPhone is its lock screen. From time to time, users will peek at the lock screen to find out the time or maybe activate its Face ID unlock. This new operating system and the iPhone 14 Pro will add even more value to the lock screen.

First, iOS 16 users can finally try different styles to change their lock screen. The same CNET The report tells us that each style changes the color filter for the background photo and the font on the lock screen to complement each other.

Second, a recent report by MacRumors informs us that the lock screen of iOS 16 will interact directly with the always-on display of the iPhone 14 Pro, allowing integration with notifications and depth effects and wallpaper colors.

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According to the same source, the iPhone 14 Pro display cutouts will appear to have a single unified “pill” at the top of the screen rather than two separate cutouts.

And finally, the widgets. Users can now customize lock screen widgets such as news, activity notifications, calendar and temperature. Users can also customize time and date fonts.

Private access tokens instead of CAPTCHA

Even if you’re not a robot, CAPTCHAs can be very boring, especially those that are repetitive and mind-boggling. This new feature for iOS 16 will allow users to bypass said security process by providing a private access token instead. This will only work with websites accepting said tokens.

More iOS 16 Features

Other great features include locking hidden and recently deleted albums in Photos, allowing landscape Face IDs, and upgrading Wallet and Apple Pay Later.

With all-new customization capabilities, deeper intelligence, and seamless communication and sharing options, iOS 16 dramatically improves iPhone. Check all its advantages here.

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