InOrbit Launches Setup-as-Code Features in Latest Release


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InOrbit adds configuration-as-code functionality to its RobOps solution. | Credit: InOrbit

In orbit adds additional functionality and best practices for robotic operations (RobOps) with the recent launch of Setup as Code.

As part of InOrbit’s ongoing efforts to support interoperable and developer-friendly initiatives, sample code and schematics have been posted to GitHub so developers can start exploring immediately.

Development teams have the ability to get even more out of the InOrbit platform with Configuration as Code:

  • Version control of code changes
  • Improved workflows: pull requests, code review, approvals
  • CI/CD integration
  • Reusable and reproducible configurations
  • Restoration Capabilities
  • Security enhancements
  • Audit and traceability
  • Software setting

These tools are available now on the InOrbit Developer Portal.

Software engineers know the importance of DevOps as a standard part of the software development process. DevOps allows engineers to streamline their development workflow through software automation to build and manage code releases.

InOrbit was one of the first companies to adopt software DevOps best practices for the unique needs of robot development teams. The company has made its DevOps solution simple to use and easy to adopt with a tiered licensing portfolio, which starts with a free tier that anyone can download and try.

RobOps goes beyond creating and troubleshooting robot code. Many robot companies are adopting Robots as a service (RaaS) as an operational business model. As the sophistication, scale, and complexity of bot deployments increase, the need to effectively manage bots becomes more critical. This requires robust practices and tools to automate the bot management process.

Common issues that impede and delay effective operational solutions are found throughout the development process. Robotics software development is time-consuming, hand-driven, and prone to human error. Now the same software and engineering best practices that enable massive data center operations, including infrastructure-as-code management, source-controlled configurations, continuous integration/continuous delivery pipelines (CI/CID) and more are within reach of every business using InOrbit. to manage and operate their robots.

Often different robots require different setups. This gives rise to ad hoc and difficult to maintain tools and processes created by bot developers. Additionally, companies that use bots in their operations, often from multiple vendors, need flexible capabilities to configure and deploy bots. That’s why InOrbit introduced configuration as code to give developers the granular control they need.

“We want to create RobOps tools that solve problems, streamline processes, and can be integrated into the development workflow,” said Julian Cerruti, CTO and co-founder of InOrbit. “Configuration-as-code support enables developers to reap the benefits of precise robot configurations, leveraging the power of the InOrbit platform to better manage the development lifecycle.”

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