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April 7 (Reuters) – Each week, Reuters journalists produce dozens of multimedia reports and human interest stories from around the world.

Below are some stories from this week selected by our editors, along with explanatory context and background to help you understand the world’s headlines. For a full news and events schedule, please see our editorial calendar on Reuters Connect

The personal effects of actress Betty White will go under the hammer

BEVERLY HILLS — Personal items that once belonged to iconic comedic actress Betty White, including her mother’s gold watch, are set to go up for auction in September. (PEOPLE-BETTY WHITE/AUCTIONS (PIX, TV), 309 words)

A Japanese robot can peel bananas cleanly, most of the time

TOKYO – In Japan, robots can be found in factories performing simple tasks or delivering food to restaurant customers, but researchers have now unveiled a robot that can perform the delicate task of peeling a banana without crushing the fruit inside. (JAPAN-ROBOT/ (TV), 213 words)

Mexico’s vaquita porpoise on the brink as illegal fishing bites

SAN FELIPE, Mexico – Three months after the Mexican government and a non-profit group launched a new campaign to save the vaquita porpoise, there has been little improvement in the marine mammal’s chances of avoiding extinction , according to experts and local residents. (MEXICO-ENVIRONMENT/VAQUITA (CORRECT, PIX, TV), 614 words)

Scientists Discover Ancient Flying Reptile Graveyard in Chile’s Atacama Desert

SANTIAGO – Chilean scientists say they have discovered a rare cemetery with well-preserved bones of ancient flying reptiles that roamed the Atacama Desert in the Andean country more than 100 million years ago. (CHILE-FOSSILS/ (PIX, TV), 245 words)

3,800 years ago, a mega earthquake and tsunami hit Chile’s Atacama Desert

SANTIAGO – About 3,800 years ago, a massive 9.5 magnitude earthquake followed by a tsunami with waves reaching 20 meters (66 feet) struck the coastline of Chile’s Atacama Desert, the driest world, according to a study by academics from the University of Chile. (CHILE-QUAKE/STUDY (PIX), 284 words)

Ukrainian family find refuge in Prague’s Russian community PRAGUE – A month after fleeing her home in central Ukraine with her three sons, Yulia Sarycheva shares a teapot with two artists who are hosting them in their home in a former suburb from Prague. (UKRAINE-CRISIS/CZECH-REFUGEE-RUSSIAN (TV, PIX), 481 words)

Play and therapy pool alleviate trauma for Ukrainian refugee in Poland

JAROSLAW, Poland – Alevtina is all smiles as she cuddles with her mother Alexandra Zhuravel in their room at the Monastery of the Benedictine Sisters of Poland, a world away from Kryvyi Rih in central Ukraine. (UKRAINE-CRISIS/BORDER-POLAND-MONASTERY (TV, PIX), 604 words)

Ukrainian school in Vienna struggles to cope with the influx of children

VIENNA – Volunteers running a Ukrainian Saturday school in Vienna have struggled to adapt as the number of children attending has more than tripled in a matter of weeks. The school is only too happy to welcome the influx of refugee children fleeing war back home, but the need to increase capacity has tested the organizational skills of the school administrators. (UKRAINE-CRISIS/AUSTRIA-SCHOOL (PIX, TV), 437 words)


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