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October 13 – Each week, Reuters journalists produce dozens of multimedia reports and human interest stories from around the world.

Below are some stories from this week selected by our editors, along with explanatory context and background to help you understand the world’s headlines. For a full news and events calendar, please see our editorial calendar on Reuters Connect.

China’s ‘flying car’ makes first public flight in Dubai

DUBAI – A “flying car” built by Chinese electronic vehicle maker Xpeng Inc has made its first public flight in the United Arab Emirates, as the company works to launch the electric plane in international markets. (EMIRATES-TECHNOLOGY/FLYING CAR (TV, PIX), 129 words)

LGBTQ beach sanctuary in danger of being demolished in New York

NEW YORK — LGBTQ beachgoers are battling New York City’s plan to tear down a long-abandoned tuberculosis hospital that served as a landmark for the community. (USA-LGBT/NEW YORK (PIX), 466 words)

Many U.S. Drivers View Partially Automated Cars as Autonomous Vehicles – Study

WASHINGTON — Drivers using advanced driver assistance systems like Tesla Autopilot or General Motors Super Cruise often treat their vehicles as fully autonomous despite warnings, a new study finds. (USA-DRIVING/AUTONOMOUS (UPDATE 1, PIX), 412 words)

US banks cut donations to federal candidates, boosting Democrats’ share ahead of midterm

WASHINGTON — U.S. banks are giving far less to federal candidates this election cycle and increasing the proportion they give to Democrats as they rethink their political giving, according to a Reuters analysis of data compiled by the Center for Responsive Politics (CRP) and more than half a dozen industry representatives and lobbyists. (USA-ELECTION/BANKS (PIX), 793 words)

Arizona cryonics facility preserves bodies for later resuscitation

SCOTTSDALE, Arizona – Time and death are “on hold” for some people in Scottsdale, Arizona. (ARIZONA-CRYONICS/ (TV), 377 words)

Eerie Bugle Sounds Sound During Elk Breeding Season in Washington State

EATONVILLE, Wash. – Every year, as the days of summer dwindle and the colors of fall begin to emerge across the United States’ Pacific Northwest, an otherworldly sound fills the air. . (USA-ELK/ (TV, PIX), 341 words)

‘Although I’m not alive, I can still create art,’ robot Ai-Da tells UK lawmakers

LONDON — A “robot artist” called Ai-Da has told British lawmakers that despite being an artificial creation, he was still capable of producing art, as he said during a a parliamentary inquiry into the impact of new technologies on the creative industries. (BRITTANY-PARLIAMENT/ROBOT (TV), 291 words)

Mexico tells soccer fans not to bring iconic ‘Lucha Libre’ masks to World Cup

MEXICO CITY — Mexican fans have been advised by their government not to wear their colorful “Lucha Libre” wrestling masks to World Cup soccer matches in Qatar in order to comply with local rules. (SOCCER-WORLDCUP/MEXICO-MASKS (PIX), 354 words)

In the land of spas, Hungary’s troglodyte bath is a victim of soaring petrol prices

MISKOLCTAPOLCA, Hungary – Staff have turned off the lights and started emptying the pools at Hungary’s famous Miskolctapolca cave baths after the centuries-old attraction succumbed to a modern crisis – soaring petrol prices. (HUNGARY-ENERGY/BATH (TV, PIX), 415 words)

Damien Hirst burns artwork after collectors choose their NFTs instead

LONDON — Briton Damien Hirst began burning hundreds of his works after collectors opted to keep their non-fungible tokens (NFTs), blockchain-based assets representing their digital images. (ART-DAMIEN HIRST/ (TV, PIX), 370 words)


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