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October 6 – Each week, Reuters journalists produce dozens of multimedia reports and human interest stories from around the world.

Below are some stories from this week selected by our editors, along with explanatory context and background to help you understand the world’s headlines. For a full news and events calendar, please see our editorial calendar on Reuters Connect.

Do you want fries with that? A robot makes french fries faster, better than humans

PASADENA, Calif. — Fast-food fries and onion rings are going high-tech, thanks to a Southern California company. (TECH-ROBOT/FRIES (UPDATE 1, PIX, TV), 481 words)

From butts to fluff, an Indian factory reprocesses cigarette butts

NEW DELHI – Women sit on the floor of a house on the outskirts of New Delhi, smiling and chatting as they fill brightly colored teddy bears with white stuffing made from a product more commonly found in a trash can. (ENVIRONMENT-INDIA/CIGARETTES (PIX, TV), 220 words)

Tiny Creature Shows Humble Beginnings of Magnificent Flying Reptiles

WASHINGTON — While the ancestry and early evolution of pterosaurs have long puzzled scientists, a new examination of remains found in Scotland of a small reptile that lived about 230 million years ago during the Triassic period helps shed light on the humble origins of the flying reptiles that flourished during the age of the dinosaurs, the researchers said. (SCIENCE-PTEROSAURS/ (PIX), 667 words)

Modest waxworm saliva may boost fight against plastic pollution

WASHINGTON — Two substances in the saliva of waxworms — larvae of moths that eat wax made by bees to build honeycombs — easily break down a common type of plastic, researchers said, in a potential breakthrough in the global fight against plastic pollution. (SCIENCE-PLASTIC/ (PIX), 644 words)

“Star Wars”, other memorabilia auctioned

LONDON — ‘Star Wars’ villain Darth Vader’s gloves will be among the famous and familiar items from film, TV and the music world up for grabs at British memorabilia firm Propstore’s annual live auction next month. (AUCT-PROP STORE/ (PIX, TV), 407 words)

Who will be the next James Bond? Producers ponder choice as film franchise turns 60

LOS ANGELES — James Bond, the martini-drinking, tuxedo-wearing British secret agent, turns 60 on the big screen this week — but who will be the next actor to take on the iconic role? (FILM-BOND/ (PIX, TV), 331 words)

London’s Battersea Power Station reborn as office and shopping center

LONDON — London’s Battersea Power Station will reopen next week as a glitzy hub of offices, apartments, restaurants and shops after decades of failed attempts to reinvigorate one of the capital’s most iconic buildings, often described as “the Everest of real estate”. (BRITAIN-BATTERSEA/ (PIX), 515 words)

Egypt demands the return of Rosetta Stone 200 years after it was deciphered

CAIRO – Leading Egyptian archaeologists have renewed their call for the return of the Rosetta Stone from the British Museum, 200 years after deciphering the stone revealed the secrets of hieroglyphic writing and marked the birth of Egyptology. (EGYPT-ANTIQUES/ (TV, PIX), 464 words)

‘Always check the label’: ESG funds are not as green as they seem – study

One in seven funds labeled as sustainable have a carbon emissions intensity higher than the average of all investment funds, and no climate-labeled fund has a portfolio fully aligned with the Paris Agreement goal, according to a study. (CLIMATE CHANGE-ESG/ (PIX), 363 words)


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