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UPDATE 26/10: Duolingo Math is now out of beta with two programs: elementary math for students and brain training for adults, according to Duolingo(Opens in a new window).

The elementary curriculum will cover topics such as multiplication, division, fractions, area and perimeter, place value, geometry, measurement and decimals.

“The Brain Training course covers similar content with harder numbers and increased difficulty, optimizing the training of mental arithmetic skills. In this course, you will also find the concepts that can be applied to everyday life, such as converting between ounces and pounds,” according to Duolingo.

For now, Duolingo Math is only available for English users on iOS and iPadOS. Duolingo tells TechCrunch(Opens in a new window) that “Android is on the radar once the app is adapted to the product market”.

Original Story 8/26:
The Duolingo language learning platform tests a different kind of problem: math.

The beta program(Opens in a new window)which is now accepting waitlist applications, teaches third-grade math to iPhone and iPad users, starting with multiplication.

Based on an early review by Monica Chin of The Verge(Opens in a new window)users can also expect to cover division, fractions, area, perimeter, angles, time, “and other things that I quickly forgot how to do as soon as I got my high school diploma,” according to Chin.

Duolingo Math draws many elements from its sister language app; it features a similar aesthetic, sound effects, and lesson format. The latter focuses on a set of numbers, much like you interact with specific groups of words at a time. There’s also that familiar vertical course progression and passive-aggressive notifications to study further.

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Going forward, the company plans to introduce classes at different age levels, including adults who may have lost some of their knowledge over the years, The Verge explains. There are no plans (for now) to move Duolingo Math behind the company’s $6.99 per month subscription paywall.

Learn more about Duolingo Math at its Duocon 2022(Opens in a new window) event today. The video is embedded below, and the math app session is scheduled to start at 11:40 a.m. ET.

If the math isn’t challenging enough, you can say Sawubona (“hello”) to Duolingo’s latest language lesson, Zulu(Opens in a new window). The second Bantu language on the platform (along with Swahili), Zulu is spoken by some 12 million people, mainly in South Africa. In addition to nouns, adjectives, and verbs, users will learn Zulu click consonants, distinctive sounds created with a rapid movement of the mouth that produces a loud clicking or tapping sound.

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