Imagine Learning Announces New Features for Imagine Edgenuity to Support Continued Commitment to Academic Integrity


“We are committed to bringing new innovations to educators that improve learning outcomes,” said Kinsey Rawe, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Courseware and Educational Services for Imagine Learning. “These new tools give us the opportunity to help teachers save valuable time that they can use to provide more personalized instruction to students while helping them understand the importance of academic integrity.”

plagiarism checker allows teachers to analyze student submissions, search for matches on the Internet and from other students. This allows the teacher to identify potentially plagiarized work, investigate similarities, and make informed decisions about next steps, whether that be supervised remedial work, resetting progress student or disciplinary action. As the system searches for plagiarism, Imagine Edgenuity also creates a submissions database to flag and highlight student submissions that raise plagiarism issues across all districts.

“The plagiarism checker gave our teachers an easy place to start reviewing student writing,” said Hellen M. Secristonline learning coordinator for Katy Independent School District at Katy, TX. “The ability to share the report with students was extremely helpful in explaining plagiarism and reducing the habit of copying and pasting from the internet.”

“The plagiarism checker supports me in my role as a professional virtual instructor,” said Dr. Ruby Evans. “An incident of plagiarism does not have to be a conflict between the teacher and a student. Instead, using this feature provides an invaluable teaching/learning moment and allows me to encourage the student to adopt a growth mindset. Once a violation of academic integrity is confirmed, I am empowered to reach out to a student and participate in a constructive coaching session on how to improve their Rather than being used as a punitive tool, this feature serves as a pivot in the process of helping our students improve their academic and scholarly writing skills.

speed radar is another new feature that alerts teachers when students are browsing content too quickly, which could indicate low engagement with content or the student’s use of a browser extension to fast-forward through content. This feature helps teachers easily review a student’s submission and decide on appropriate next steps.

plagiarism checker is now available in Imagine Edgenuity and is part of Imagine Learning’s comprehensive Academic Integrity Suite, which includes district-level settings such as IP Registry and Browser Secure Lock. speed radar will be available for the start of the school year this summer. Together, these tools, along with Imagine Edgenuity’s many course level settings, help educators successfully implement academic integrity standards among students. Additional information is available at

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