IBM spots industrial 5G application that kills


LIVE FROM MWC21 LOS ANGELES: IBM CTO for Networking and Advanced Computing Rob High (in the photo, on the left) identified devices such as a maintenance robot named Spot as the so-called killer app for 5G, citing wide potential benefits in the industry.

In a keynote presentation done alongside robotics firm Boston Dynamics, IBM highlighted the benefits of advanced technology systems with private 5G in industrial scenarios.

The duo focused on the uses of Spot to assess the performance of analog machines still in use.

“For all my network operator friends in the public who keep asking what is the killer app for 5G? This is it, ”High said. “These are valuable production processes for industries that are needed and in need of 5G to perform their tasks in order to maintain operational readiness and efficiency. “

“This is where 5G is going to have its biggest advantage,” he added, noting that although the maintenance robot did a lot of local processing, it had to be on a communications network because it was scheduled. to raise urgent issues.

Mike Pollitt, Director of Sales for Boston Dynamics (on the photo, on the right) highlighted Spot’s ability to assess machinery and other assets at industrial sites located in areas that are difficult to access and dangerous for humans.

Potential uses include taking readings from analog machines, proactive maintenance, and general site investigation.

Highly added with a long lifespan on many industrial machines, these types of technology solutions could fill the “data gap” by assessing sites without the need to upgrade the connectivity hardware in each piece of equipment.

The robotics company worked with IBM on industrial deployments with Spot using Spot’s application management system.

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