Hyundai E&C and Hyundai Robotics form partnership to develop construction robot technology


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SEOUL – In order to diversify its business portfolio, Hyundai Robotics, a leading manufacturer of industrial robots affiliated with South Korea’s leading shipbuilding group, has partnered with a national construction company to develop specialized robots for construction sites.

Hyundai Engineering & Construction (Hyundai E&C) said it has signed a memorandum of understanding with Hyundai Robotics to combine their technologies for the development of industrial robots that would be used to drill holes to anchor, paint, weld and stack construction materials. . Anchor is needed to secure temporary elevator shafts and scaffolding to the exterior of buildings.

“Through this cooperation, we will expand the application of robotic solutions to manufacturing, logistics and construction,” Hyundai Robotics general manager Yoon Dae-gyu said in a statement. “In keeping with the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, we will continue to evolve robots in the construction industry based on the expertise of each company. “

In addition to the robots that help with construction work, the two companies will upgrade simultaneous location and mapping (SLAM) technology to a three-dimensional base. SLAM technology allows robots to maneuver autonomously around obstacles to reach their destination. If it is based on a three-dimensional map, it can travel the floors using elevators.

Hyundai Robotics, which focused on producing industrial robots in automobile factories, ventured into the rapidly growing construction robot industry. Hyundai E&C and Hyundai Robotics are reportedly considering developing mobile service robots for parcel delivery to apartments and offices.

In June, Hyundai Robotics struck a deal with KT, a leading telecommunications company in South Korea, to develop service robots for use in hotels and restaurants. For smart robots and self-driving algorithms, Hyundai Robotics will develop hardware while KT will develop and apply operating software.

At a showcase event on May 15, Hyundai Robotics’ first mobile service robot, UNI, showcased voice responses and automatic driving through spatial mapping as well as user-friendly features, such as text message delivery and voice guidance. UNI will apply to hotel delivery and other services such as office advice, security and air purification.

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