How to Use TikTok Voice Changer – 18 Features and Tricks You Need to Know



If you’ve ever listened to a recording of yourself and cringed thinking “do I really sound like that?” a new TikTok feature just might be your new favorite thing.

TikTok has released a new feature that lets users experiment with a range of editing techniques, including one that lets you change your voice to a completely different accent.

Like videos of TikTok User Tests the feature is gaining thousands of views and likes, many are asking how they can try it out for themselves.

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What is TikTok voice filter?

The new audio feature of the popular video sharing app is designed to allow creators to change the way their own voice sounds in real time and immediately share the video with the edited audio.

One of the many features of TikTok, this new feature adds to the user’s ability to edit and modify their content by creating a unique video.

Other possible video additions on the app include text, stickers, filters, noise reduction, and even the enhance option that brightens up the video at the touch of a button.

How to get voice filters on TikTok

Editing your own voice with the app’s new feature is very easy:

Step 1: Record your video as usual on the app.
Step 2: Once you have spoken for the video, click the tick button to proceed to the next screen.
Step 3: Scroll on the right side to find the audio editing option.
Step 4: You will see a range of voice options and effects to add to your video on your real voice.
Step 5: Select the filter you want and click to save.

How many voices can you choose?

As users around the world discover and use the fun editing feature, 18 different voice filters are available.

There are cat, chipmunk, robot, electronic, and spooky filters. The most popular favorites are filters named “deep” which change any voice to a deep masculine tone and one called “Jessie” which mimics a young female American accent.

Top Tips for TikTok Voice Filters

The edit feature can be used on any video that contains spoken audio, but is most effective when used on video facing the camera where the subject is speaking clearly.

Perfect for adding a fun note to a storytime video or sharing an update with followers without using your own voice, it’s also helpful to ensure there’s minimal background noise during as you record your video.

Some users have also noticed that the feature can be easily used on TV scenes, filming their screen like classic movie or TV scenes in the background before changing the voice actors with hilarious effects.

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