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cookie run fans witnessed an incredible show from the title’s developers as the franchise showcased its upcoming lineups and shared plenty of details about the games. Devsisters Corporationa South Korean company behind the Cookie Run series, held its first online event’Dev Now 2022‘, and the people behind the development of the new titles presented several pieces of information in front of the Cookie Run community. Now let’s take a look at one of the games that are expected to release soon, Cookie Run: OvenSmash focusing on gameplay mechanism, characters and worldwide release date.

Image via Devsisters

Cookie Run: OvenSmash is a Brawl fighting game with mechanics similar to Super Smash Bros.. Players will choose one character among many others and the battle arena will also be their choice. Each character will have their unique abilities and depending on the playstyle of the players, they will choose all the characters that resemble them. Additionally, Cookie Run: OvenSmash will focus on competitive gameplay using PVP modes. Also, the game has multiple modes to choose from and play.

Cookie Run: OvenSmash: Game Features

Cookie Run: OvenSmash has a bunch of modes and maps to choose from. Here are some of them we know about so far. Apart from these, many new things will appear in the game.

Wanted star mode and distant ocean map

Wanted star mode and distant ocean map
Image via Devsisters

One of the modes is “Wanted Star” on the distant ocean map. In this mode, 5 players will form a team together. The objective is to defeat the opposition and collect jellies to win. Players will have to use palm trees and springboards to take advantage of it.

Map of Dragon Hill

Another map of this game is ‘Dragon Hill’. The map is borrowed from Cookie Run: Kingdom. This one has distinct features of the Far Ocean map. The map features moving walkways that will help payers get around faster. But from the gameplay, it looks like using the catwalks will also make players an easy target.

Battle royale mode

Battle royale mode
Image via Devsisters

This card will amaze the gourmands because it is composed of ‘Tiramisu’, an Italian dessert flavored with coffee. 30 cookies will join a fight against each other on this map and the last surviving cookie will be the glorious winner. The card gets smaller as it floats in strawberry milk and over time the card sinks into it. Thus, players will have no choice but to join the fight. The map will have Power Jellies scattered here and there that players could use against others.

Treasure Hunt Mode

treasure hunt mode
Image via Devsisters

This mode comes with a massive map. 10 players will play as a team here. There will be three hidden treasures in different places on this map. Players must find them all and return them to their own objectives. Although everything seems easy, players have to overcome many challenges to achieve their goals. The Brown Sugar Golem, the Frozen Jelly Wyrm, etc. will track players.

Cookie Run: OvenSmash: Character List

Wide varieties of cookies await players in the game. Here are some of them.

  • GingerBrave: This is the main character of Cookie Run: OvenSmash. It has a powerful ultimate skill and a fast slide. It is mainly intended for basic uses and therefore both beginners and veterans can use it comfortably.
  • devil cookie: This one is quite dangerous because it spits fire. He can shoot flames everywhere. Enemies will never be safe because Devil Cookie can also fly! He can also transform into his ultimate, The Super Devil Cookie. However, players can extinguish the fire by jumping into the water.
  • Ionic cookie robot: This cute, round and adorable cookie can shoot water. The more energy a player collects, the more powerful they become. Ultimate Ion Cookie Robot can fire water cannons.
  • Tiger Lily Cookie: She has the mysterious power to spot hidden enemies. Tiger Lily Cookie throws her spear towards enemies. With her mount ‘Butter Tiger’, she fiercely launches into battle.
  • Blueberry Pie Cookie: She summons spirits that can cause electrical explosions. His talent can be directed in any direction.

Cookie Run: OvenSmash: How to Play and Global Release Date

Cookie Run: OvenSmash has not yet launched and is expected to release in the first quarter of 2023. So currently there is no way for a player to download and play Cookie Run: OvenSmash. But until then, players can head over to TapTap to do the pre-registration. Lucky players will have the chance to participate in the beta (if there is one).

Cookie Run: OvenSmash will be released on PC this winter. Mobile and Console versions will arrive at a later date. So, we don’t have the exact release date yet.

What do you think of the release of Cookie Run: OvenSmash? Let us know in the comments below!

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