How to download and install the Google Pixel 6 camera app on other smartphones


The Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro were presented this week. These are some of the more interesting devices on the market, but the most interesting is the camera. The shot should be decent thanks to their advanced photographic capabilities and, of course, the software. Naturally, third-party developers got to work on porting Google Camera for Pixel 6 to other devices.

There were those who were successful in this work and the result of their work was the GCam 8.3 mod. It can be installed on a range of smartphones running Android 9 and a newer version of the Green Robot with Camera2 API support.

Besides the new design, GCam version 8.3 offers many improvements and features that should be available for most smartphones on the market. Considering the underlying code, GCAM 8.3 might also allow additional cameras. Most of the app functions work in the modified app, but on some smartphones some of them may not work properly. Installing GCam version 8.3 is pretty straightforward:

  1. make sure the smartphone has Android 9 or higher, and there is also Camera2 API support;
  2. install Gapps (Google Apps and its services) if they are not already installed;
  3. allow installation from unknown sources;
  4. Download the compatible package;
  5. Install the APK file.

Download – Direct link (8.3.252_V0e_MGC)


Download the latest version MGC_8.3

Pixel 6 camera features

In addition to common features like night vision, astrophotography, portrait mode, etc., Google has made the following additions to the Pixel 6 camera:

Magic eraser – It is a very useful feature to get a perfect photo after removing unnecessary objects from the photo. Magic Eraser effortlessly removes “photobombers”.

Facial defocus – Auto learning on smartphone camera automatically corrects face blur in photos. It will help you turn unnecessary photos into useful memory.

Your real – It allows the camera to accurately capture most skin tones without any manual workarounds. This is a native feature of the camera and will automatically apply to all images.

Movement mode – It is a combination of long exposure and creative blur features. The mode comes in handy when you capture a moment in motion or any object is in motion. It applies motion blur on the moving object to produce a beautiful photo. However, the long exposure is useful for capturing moments from the nightlife. Without any tripod, you can easily make light trails.

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