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It’s not easy to imagine a modern person without a messaging app. Correspondence in applications has ushered in a new era of communication and improved business processes. After all, these programs are actively used in the business environment to communicate with customers, partners and the company.

Let’s analyze how to create a messenger, why you need it, the essential functions and how to get the most out of your application.

Try chat app development and get the opportunity to receive a single tool that performs all business tasks to communicate both within the company and with partners, customers and target audience. Moreover, this tool can be monetized and generate additional income.

Why do I need a new messenger?

Today, communication in an online format is a familiar format for communication among friends and at work. There are many different messengers, but our team decided to create a new communication platform – a secure business messenger, in which business chats will not get lost in the list of personal correspondence. Why? Because similar enterprise messengers already exist, Slack or Microsoft Teams seem to help us streamline workspaces.

Why not create a new messenger? The practical part

First, the business messenger market is not as diverse as the public messenger market because business communications needs more tools to streamline the work of all departments. The presence of voice and video calls, file sharing functions and the creation of joint groups will not be enough to provide a convenient format for interaction between specialists.

Solutions on the market are often not suitable for large enterprises and government organizations due to insufficient functionality. Large companies have branches in different cities and countries, many employees and strict security requirements, all of which require additional features to organize all communications in a single messenger, such as group chats and channels, conferences audio and encryption in accordance with national standards.

The reasons for creating a new messenger: theoretical part

When safety standards, legal requirements, and other details change rapidly, the messenger’s position in the market and its ability to meet the latest standards also changes.

Storing data in a trusted data center ensures sovereignty against sanctions and foreign server access restrictions. If an organization loses its database, business work stops completely and technical staff will have no tools to investigate the incident. Owning a messenger eliminates such a scenario and gives customers confidence in the security and stable operation of the messenger.

Creating a messenger with your private cloud infrastructure and cybersecurity platform is essential to maximize information security, including a firewall, intrusion detection system, and network filter. Additionally, all components must meet the exact security requirements of the platform. This way you can have a complete and secure solution.

It also has excellent user security and national standard call encryption, two-factor authentication and a required password to unlock the app. The chat app development team preserves the user experience and adapts it to business communications.

Chat app development process

How to save money on chat app development if your project goes beyond WhatsApp group or requires custom features? Developers are constantly analyzing customer requests for the development of chat applications. Therefore, the demand for applications based on communication between users could not escape attention.

The architecture of the application:

  1. Objective-C and Java.
  2. Node.js keeps socket connections open.
  3. Redis: we keep a stack.
  4. An APN/FCM push server sends push notifications if the app is minimized.
  5. Bitrix framework for generating mobile app screens and developing flexible apps.
  6. MySQL stores user information, access roles, histories, and custom application data.
  7. An administrative management platform for messaging.

Main characteristics

Developing chat apps may involve unique design and unusual functionality, but a basic feature set is required. Otherwise, the program will not be able to perform its critical tasks. The development of each chat application requires time and investment, so it is not easy to immediately say how much the development of each chat application costs. It all depends on needs and abilities. But among the mass of tools of the program there are vital functions.


It is necessary to reduce the authorization process to a minimum of action. Ideally it should be 1-3 clicks. To do this, you can integrate the login using social networks or create a quick registration using your mobile number. The number of parameters is limited by the imagination, but the required fields are name, photo and profile description. Other tools come in the form of opportunities to hide the number, put the status, and other – peripherals.

Access to contacts

To create a correspondence, you must contact. The easiest way to add them is to sync the app with the phone book. There should also be a search function and manual data entry.


It is necessary to create various elements, including private and group chats, buttons, and the ability to edit and delete to organize chats. Ideally, you should develop a cross-platform messenger that will work on devices of different types. Then you can be sure that the user will open it, even if you sent it from a smartphone and it is connected from a computer.

File exchange

File sharing is an important feature. You can send fun pictures or use the tool to exchange documentation and important work files. The more features you have, the better. Of course, the size of the file sent must be limited so that users do not want to overload the servers by transmitting seasons of shows.

Another essential tool will be a file search tool as many users use messengers like a cloud. Indeed you have searched in your correspondence for links, identity photos, or a photo of a credit card once sent to a friend.

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Push notifications

Another essential feature is notifications. Imagine staying home and not showing up to the office. How often should you check your phone to make sure everything is okay? Wouldn’t it be better to wait? We are afraid of missing something important. Every user should receive an instant message if they received one.

Data protection

Pay particular attention to data protection. Your customers must be sure that their correspondence remains private. Encryption keys are required and the chat app development company uses servers to store the data.

Data security technologies protect users from account takeover; ensure the secrecy of correspondence and guarantee the security of their data, files and other information. At Wezom, we pay particular attention to security systems. For example, all chat applications are tested during development by professionals and vulnerabilities are identified. As a result, you get a quality and reliable product protected by modern security systems.


Automated messages greatly simplify communication with customers, relieve the manager’s work and allow rapid communication with partners and users. Chat-bots are implemented in business applications. For example, you can answer frequently asked questions in advance and notify customers. The bot responds instantly, and if the user doesn’t like it or can’t find an answer to the question posed in its database, it sends a request to the real handler.


Developing chat apps is a great solution for businesses. It is a tool with a high degree of security that meets the needs of the company. Moreover, it implements only the most necessary functions and is scalable, so it is possible to implement any idea.

Your app is easy to monetize. Experts developed the design specifically for the style of the company. You can use a cross-platform messenger on any operating system.

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