Horizon Forbidden West strategy guide includes 40 different machines


The new Horizon Forbidden West strategy guide reveals that the upcoming sequel will feature 40 different types of machines that Aloy can hunt and tame.

The official strategy guide for Horizon: West forbidden is available for pre-order now, and it includes 40 different mechanical enemies that Aloy can hunt, fight, and even ride. One of the standout items of 2017 Horizon: Zero Dawn were the many robotic creatures that roam the post-apocalyptic open world of The Claim, from small, raptor-like Watchers to towering Tallnecks that players can climb and tame with Aloy’s handy Override ability. Each of these enemies has their own strengths and weaknesses, including weak spots that are vulnerable to certain elemental effects like Burn or Corruption.


Next to come Horizon: West forbidden promises to take players beyond the ruins of the United States that served as the backdrop for zero dawn, bringing with it the ability to see fascinating new enemy types in addition to the returning creatures from the first game. These include gigantic boss-like beasts such as west forbidden new acid-spitting Slitherfang snake and amphibious machines that will follow Aloy underwater thanks to Horizon: West forbidden new underwater transverse system. Guerilla Games also promised that the enemy AI of Horizon: Zero Dawn will be improved in west forbidden, making these robotic enemies all the more formidable for Aloy.

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Luckily, players will have help taking down these beasts, because Rant game reports that Gurilla Games and game guide publisher Future Press are releasing a strategy guide for Horizon: West forbidden. This new game guide, now available for pre-order on United Kingdom, affirm that west forbidden will feature up to “Over 40 intricately designed machines that travel the Forbidden West.These are said to include new enemies like Clawstriders, Bristlebacks, and Burrowers in addition to returning enemies from zero dawn like Chargers and Snapmaws. In comparison, Horizon: Zero Dawn featured 27 different robotic enemies, including those found in the frozen savages DLC released in November 2017.

forbidden horizon west skill tree

As was the case with Horizon: Zero Dawn, the machines are far from the only danger that Aloy will encounter in west forbidden. Recent trailers for Horizon: West forbidden feature the former outcast battling a dangerous rebel tribe residing in the titular Forbidden West, who stand between them and discover the truth behind a mysterious virus threatening the world. Aloy will have plenty of options to take down all of these new enemies, as Horizon: West forbidden adds new weapons, an overhauled melee combat system, and a branching skill tree that lets players use six distinct playstyles in Horizon: West forbidden.

Guerrilla Games promised to give Horizon: Zero Dawn fans more of what they liked in the first game of Horizon: West forbidden, including a wide array of visually stunning robotic creatures that will attack or assist Aloy on her journey through the wild world of the Forbidden West. Players should expect a long journey when Horizon: West forbidden releases in February, as recent reports have claimed the game will take “several hundred hours” to completely complete.

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Source: Rant game, United Kingdom

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