Horizon Forbidden West offers a myriad of accessibility and quality of life features


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If you were curious about this Forbidden Horizon West accessibility features involve, Sony just published an article on the subjectwhich also features general quality of life improvements that many people will want to use.

Sony offered a preview of the Forbidden Horizon West accessibility menu, and that’s expansive. Tutorials have been expanded and controls can be completely remapped: with contingencies for toggle and hold options, as well as inverting the X and Y axes. Here’s something else few games do:

“Another new feature is the Co-pilot system, which grants a second PlayStation controller with mirrored controls access to the game. This only requires another controller (DualSense controller for PS5, DualShock 4 controller for PS4) and a second user profile. The Co-pilot system was put together with the incredible feedback and support of our accessibility consultant for the blind.”

Another really cool thing the game has: toggle for DualSense vibration. I wish I could do it more often! This is in addition to gameplay aids (like extra focus or slow time when aiming your bow with the ability active), as well as auto-sprint, auto-heal, auto-Shieldwing (the in-game glider ), and the ability to enable “climbing annotations” at any time (so you can see where the grab points are with a glow, as shown in the header image). The sound can also be adjusted to your liking.

Arguably the biggest addition for many people is the difficulty slider, which also impinges on the loot mechanic. So there are actually five difficulty levels to choose from, including story up to “very hard”. But the kicker is a custom difficulty setting, where you can swipe damage levels (receive/deal) and toggle loot quality of life. Remember how in the original you could detach parts from robots and then loot them (and if you kill the robot before you do, they’re lost)? With “easy loot”, you can keep these portions, so you don’t have to meticulously separate enemies to get upgrade items. It is enabled by default in story and easy modes, but you can also enable it.

In farming, it’s a really nice upgrade, and probably my favorite of the whole lot. But given the breadth of features on offer here, there’s something for everyone.

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