Google Phone app gets Material You-inspired dialer



With Android 12, Google introduced a new graphical approach to its operating system. The Material You is the biggest visual twist on the green robot since the introduction of Material Design.

And of course, all apps in Google’s large suite are also affected by this revolution, including the Phone dialer app, which over the years has evolved from a simple and sparse solution to one of the most advanced available. The Mountain View company had already updated the look to the new dictates of Material You, making it sensitive to the unprecedented chromatic management of dynamic themes, that is, those generated from the background chosen by the user for his device.

But that’s not all, apparently: as some users report, Google has indeed started testing (for now in limited form) a new design for the dialer, or number pad in the Phone app. In the comparison between the two images that you find below, you can appreciate the differences between the current version (on the left) and the new one being tested.

The changes are obvious: now the numbers are inside “pills” reminiscent of physical keyboards; and create a game of chromatic contrast with the background. And what changes is also the animation that accompanies pressing the keys; with a visual effect that “illuminates” the key and extends outwards from the point of contact between the finger and the screen.

Material You

Google rolled out the new Material You design for Gmail, Calendar, Documents and other Android apps earlier. The new look includes changes to the navigation bar, improved function buttons, and Google Sans font for better readability. It’s part of a bigger Android 12 overhaul that includes bigger buttons, changed colors, smoother animations; and a number of other changes to built-in apps.

App design changes mean that Android 12 smartphones will now be able to combine colors in Google-branded apps; with home wallpapers to achieve what Google calls “a more dynamic and personalized look”. However, existing custom color schemes and color coding of files and folders will remain unchanged.

The end result of Google’s efforts are small but noticeable changes to apps like Gmail, Calendar, and Docs. The company is leaning more and more towards rounded corners and other aesthetic changes.

Design changes are already available in Gmail, Google Drive, Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides. All changes are available to private Google accounts and Google Workspace customers.

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