Faster format change, longer tool life Key Features of Tooling and Clamping Pavilion


To ensure that shops get the most out of their automation investments, clamping and tooling companies will be showcasing state-of-the-art solutions to IMTS 2022 – The International Manufacturing Technology Exhibition, which runs September 12-17 at McCormick Place in Chicago. The Tooling and Workholding Systems Pavilion will feature more than 400 exhibitors in fixtures, dies, collets, cutters, drills, chucks, plates, and more.

Exhibitors such as BIG DAISHOWA, Blue Photon, Gorilla Mill, HAIMER USA and SCHUNK will showcase the latest tooling and workholding solutions that improve productivity and profitability while minimizing setup and machining time.

“The use of new technologies in the areas of tooling and tightening is a major key to workshop productivity. No store works without it,” says Peter R. Eelman, Director of Experience at AMT – The Association for Manufacturing Technology, which owns and produces IMTS. “It can give new capabilities to older equipment and optimize the performance of new machines. If higher productivity and lower costs are important to your business, you need to visit the Tooling and Clamping Systems Pavilion.”

Hold on

Blue Photon technology and clamping systems (IMTS booth 431392) will include ultraviolet (UV) clamping technology for close tolerance machining and inspection of delicate and hard to hold parts for milling, turning, grinding and EDM on hard metals, aluminum and ceramics. Patented UV-illuminated clamps combined with BlueGrip adhesive create strong adhesion to irregular surfaces, freeing the part from clamps and the need to design clamping devices for clamping.

Blue Photon currently assists its customers in the aerospace, medical, job shop and ceramics industries by enabling them to do things not possible with traditional clamping. The company has expanded its product line with new gripping paddles for 52mm and 96mm quick-change receivers to enable the holding of more applications using existing quick-change mounting systems in machining centers.

“Our clamping solutions help jobs where you want to do it all in one step. This saves time because it is physically glued only once, whereas previously the part would have had to be clamped multiple times to complete the machining,” says Shannon Osborn, Marketing Manager at Blue Photon.

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United States (IMTS booth 431510) will present the new series of i4.0 shrink-fit machines with Industry 4.0 connectivity. The i4.0 machine series is adjustable for all types of tool holders and is suitable for solid carbide and high speed steel tools. Wireless communication exchange enables optimization and customization of shrink-fit parameters for machining processes in error-free data setting, as well as tracking tooling.

“Through Wi-Fi communication, i4.0 shrinking, presetting and balancing, HAIMER’s machines can interface with CAD/CAM system or workshop tool management system to follow the flow of these tool assemblies from the design phase to the assembly stage of the tool assembly in the tool magazine and then on to the machine tool”, explains Robert Bied, vice -President of Product Management for North America at HAIMER USA.

With a 7-inch touchscreen and new, intuitive software, the i4.0 shrink-fit machines offer a simple, user-friendly interface that delivers exceptional results with less experienced operators. HAIMER shrink-fit technology saves time per shrink-fit operation, reducing tool change time to less than five seconds thanks to the precisely metered low-power consumption and contact cooling systems.

Easy change

SCHUNK (IMTS booth 432010) introduces the Flex Series of flexible, lightweight chucks for 5-axis machining, mill-turn and vertical lathes. The Flex Series has a lightweight design that allows room for heavy parts without moving the machine to the load limit. With built-in jaw adjustment and quick-change functionality, a Flex Series chuck can quickly and accurately adapt to new tasks.

“The right tooling allows shops to produce more, better quality parts more efficiently without the constant presence of the operator,” says Michael Gaunce, vice president of sales – tooling and clamping at SCHUNK. “We make components and devices that are flexible and easy to use, so workshops can quickly move from room to room.”

The SCHUNK stand will include live robotic demonstrations of new automated machine maintenance packages for different applications, including an automatic pallet change system for small batches and an automated part loading/unloading system for larger batches .

Longer tool life

Gorilla Mill (IMTS booth 432446) introduces its WTF end mill coating, which provides superior oxidation resistance, high thermal stability, and exceptional wear resistance for difficult-to-machine materials such as titanium, nickel-based alloys, and stainless and tempered steels.

“If a shop uses a 2,200 degree end mill, it’s going to glow red, so everyone should probably leave the building,” says Kevin Cranker, president of Gorilla Mill. “The WTF coating is temperature and abrasion resistant, so users can see a 20-50% increase in tool life, even when working with titanium and Inconels. ”

Boring without intervention

GREAT DAISHOWAformerly BIG KAISER, (stand IMTS 431610) will introduce the EWA Automatic Fine Boring System, which performs closed-loop boring operations without a human operator. This breakthrough eliminates the need to stop the spindle to manually set the boring tool, resulting in time savings, reduced costs, improved accuracy and reduced scrap. The adjustment range of the boring head allows multiple bore sizes to be handled with the same tool and ensures a repeatable boring process.

“I go to customers’ stores and see idle machines because they don’t have enough operators to run them,” says Michael Herman, vice president of sales at BIG DAISHOWA. “The new EWA automatic fine boring system helps businesses run more efficiently with fewer interruptions, allowing multiple diameters to be processed with a single boring head without operator intervention. They can even run the lights off with proper automation.

Discover more than 400 companies at Tooling and clamping systems pavilion, located in the west building of McCormick Place. Registration at IMTS for individual visitors is $70 and includes access to all six days of IMTS, nine technology pavilionsand the co-located HANNOVER MESS United States show, which focuses on digital. IMTS 2022 will occupy over 1 million square feet of exhibit space and all four McCormick Place buildings. Hotel reservations via Global Housing Solutions, powered by AMT guarantees the lowest room rate and a positive booking experience.

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