Fanuc introduces superior robotics technology in Japan


The global manufacturing industry, which is accelerating the shift to full factory automation, needs precise control technology to operate robots to accomplish its mission. Fanuc is the first Japanese company to develop a digitally controlled device. The development and control technology of motor and servo mount factories working all over the world.

“So far, some companies are familiar with robots, and some customers are installing robots for the first time. Recently, the demand rate of customers who want to use new robot technology has increased. As a premise, there is the recognition that the robot Technology would be difficult to use without specialized technology, but this time I would like to tell you that there are robots that can be easily installed and moved,” said Kiyonori Inaba, a manager of Fanuc. “The concept of the Fanuc’s latest robot is that of a collaborative robot. Technology to ensure safety is equipped. The robot stopped instantly when it contacted me. The sensor detects that a person has contacted the robot,” Kiyonori added.

The introduction of the collaborative robot is gaining attention as a collaborative production system between humans and robots as a step towards a fully autonomous factory. “Currently, the four locations in the United States, Europe, China and Japan are highly automated. On the other hand, the automation trend is also very strong in Southeast Asia, India and other countries. “other new regions. We would like to support the production process even after introducing it with confidence so that we can supply it to various countries and regions to increase production efficiency for our customers,” Kiyonori said. .

Fanuc’s robotic technology is necessary to achieve autonomous production by collaborating with human beings. (ANI)

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