Fallout 76 update tests new events and features


Fallout 76 Players already anticipating the next big release after the recent alien-themed update will soon be able to test out what’s on the way now that the test servers are reopening. Bethesda announced this week that it intends to allow Fallout 76 players in the test environment to try out things like the Test Your Metal public event as well as new events called “Eviction Notice” and “Moonshine Jamboree”. The Corpse Highlights feature is also back for another round of testing before it goes live and makes looting much less of a chore for Fallout 76 players.

Test Your Metal is the headliner of this Test Server update, a public event that has already been tested. It’s a sort of You vs. Robots event where you compete in round-based combat with rewards like blueprints for CAMP items and new armor sets available.

In Eviction Notice, you can fight Super Mutants instead of robots, which will net you some faction reputation as well as shooting a legendary item.

“Head to the crater east of the Foundation to oust any remaining Super Mutants there and be sure to secure the Rad Scrubber so the colonists can continue their work,” Bethesda said of the update. up to date. “If you succeed, you’ll earn Settler faction reputation, loot, and a chance to receive one of many 3-Star Legendary Weapons with unique new paint jobs.”

Moonshine Jamboree completes a trio of enemy encounters by pitting yourself against Noxious Gulpers as you attempt to harvest their venom to make moonshine. You will once again earn faction reputation and loot with a new melee weapon.

“Mire Magic Moonshine, the Sunday Brothers’ flagship concoction, packs a special punch: Noxious Gulper venom,” a preview for that event said. “Once the Jamboree begins, it will attract a horde of curious Gulpers to the area. Shoot down as many as you can and lay their venom in a nearby tub until there is enough to brew a new one. lot of Moonshine. Don’t forget to keep the stills amidst the chaos or else this party will end up being a flop. Collect enough Venom and you’ll earn Raider faction reputation, loot, a few bottles of Moonshine, and a chance to pick up the new ‘Gulper Smacker’ melee weapon.”

Finally, there’s the Corpse Highlight feature which is back for another round of testing. For those who haven’t seen it before, it makes dead enemies glow once they’re downed so you can easily see them after a fight. This means that you will no longer run out of loot because you lost sight of a body, and you will no longer have to track the location of your enemies every time you kill one.

Fallout 76 test servers will open in the coming days, Bethesda said, but an exact date has yet to be set.

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