Elon Musk: Tesla’s AI team working on FSD beta, other EV features and Optimus: next month?


Elon Musk announced that new features for the Tesla Full-Self Driving beta will arrive next month, along with other company features available on electric vehicles. The tech CEO said his AI team is working on developing new features and improving the company’s systems that are accessible to everyone, with month-end deadlines in place for them.

The Tesla AI team is working on new features for FSD

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Tesla’s version of the FSD beta is available for more users, but there are some requests for functionality changes, especially regarding more vehicle safety precautions. A request is a flashing to change lanesand the other is accelerate the vehicle when the roads are clear when there is traffic.

With these user requests, the CEO of Tesla gave answers which confirmed that these will also be coming soon and will be by next month.

This gives the Tesla AI team some time to work and deliver these new features for the FSD beta, with month-end deadlines for the team.

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Musk mentions the Optimus, coming soon?

The Tesla Autopilot and AI team are already working on new features for the FSD, but another company device was mentioned by the technology CEO, which is the Tesla Optimus, formerly known as the Tesla Bot. .

Here, the tech CEO claimed that there are month-end deadlines for them, but towards the end of September there would be an AI day for this year, showcasing his developments for intelligence artificial. It teases new developments for the Optimus to come by the end of this month.

Elon Musk and Tesla’s AI team

The Tesla AI team works hard to provide many features and systems to the company in the various products available to them, which use machine learning software on its services. It includes FSD and other self-driving features like Summon and Autopark, some of its most useful systems available today.

This team is also working to deliver on the company’s next showcase, notably with the 2022 AI Day, which will take place towards the end of September. According to Musk and reports, the Tesla Bot or Optimus is to deliver new features by then, and it will focus on the company’s improvements to the robot.

This might be when Tesla would announce the robot’s release date or availability for home or office integration.

Tesla aims to deliver more systems and improve them for its users around the world on the upcoming 2022 AI Day, but first they must meet month-end deadlines, according to the billionaire. Improvements for the FSD and other EV features, as well as the arrival of Optimus, will arrive soon for all, expected by users of the current system.

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