Eastasiasoft Fall 2022 Showcase Features 9 Upcoming Switch Titles


Eastasiasoft recently aired a special showcase for Fall 2022 to provide details on upcoming games. 13 games in all were shown, and 10 of them are coming to Switch. Some we already knew about, and others were revealed for the first time. You can see a breakdown for each of the Switch titles featured below.

Wind of Shuriken (September 8, 2022)

Play as a legendary fighter from the KR-15 interstellar samurai squad and embark on a mission to liberate four planets from martial law! In the distant solar system of Infinitium, a clan known only as “Anonymous” has taken over, and it’s your job to locate an informant to gain valuable information on the leader of the organization. With great proficiency with your katana and shuriken, plus the help of a robot companion, you have all the tools you need to take down this menace before it spreads across the galaxy!

Wind of Shuriken is an intense action platformer that mixes old-school game mechanics with high-definition graphics and hand-crafted scenes. Use ninja and samurai skills to slice through a wide variety of mechanical and organic enemies, dodge bullets, avoid traps, and jump through obstacles in your path. Then take off for side-scrolling shoot ’em up sequences as you fly between planets! Take on this mission solo or team up with a friend to control your robot companion for a cooperative multiplayer experience!

HatUp (Fall 2022)

Play as a small purple humanoid as he navigates tricky puzzle stages that change depending on whether he’s wearing his fez-style hat or not! Hatup is a precision platformer with single-screen stages where the objective is to avoid spikes and other traps while collecting keys and switching platforms on and off. Are you smart enough to escape each level and move on to the next challenge?

Otoko Cross: Pretty Boys Mahjong Solitaire (September 2022)

Naughty reveal mechanics aren’t just for pretty girls anymore. Now the boys join the action with the debut of Otoko Cross: Pretty Boys Mahjong Solitaire, a tile matching game where cute male characters will challenge you to solve increasingly difficult puzzles and dress up in female attire to reward yourself on every three stages. release. Butlers become maids, cowboys appear as cowgirls, doctors dress up as nurses and more! This is a fun fanservice that explores Japan’s “otokonoko” subculture, featuring five quirky characters to meet and love.

Each time you play, the tiles are shuffled to keep each session unpredictable. During the third stage of each challenge, new outfits will be gradually revealed as you clear tiles. Succeed and new images will be added to Dressing Room Mode for casual viewing. Race against the clock and combo tile combinations to get higher scores to climb global online leaderboards, or for a more relaxed experience, switch to easy mode to turn off the timer and enjoy hints and tips. random help. With 60 unique tile layouts and random patterns, there’s always a reason to come back for more quality time with these adorable boys!

Super Chicken Jumper (Fall 2022)

The world is in danger. Evil forces from the past have come to destroy our planet and the only person Madam President trusts to save our lives is a super talented spy. Play as this feathered secret agent as he defends the free world against fate in a run ‘n’ gun action experience that’s got a bit of everything, with a twist of chicken and anime girls to boot. Traverse 6 unique worlds and fight your way through tons of enemies until you become a legend.

Run, jump, dodge, smash and kill anything in your way – these are the basics you’ll need to master to fight the evil rising from hell. Listen to the advice of cute anime girls and you should be fine. Oh, and be careful what mushrooms you eat, some of them are quite dangerous! Are you going to let the world be destroyed or are you a chicken?

Maggie the Loving (September 14, 2022)

There’s nothing Maggie loves more than science experiments! She is an animated magnet, able to turn her magnetic powers on and off whenever she wishes. Sensing the potential of scientific discoveries, she opened her own lab and now there is only one key thing stopping her from having fun and exploring her abilities. She needs someone to oversee the experiments! Are you ready for the task?

Maggie the Magnet is a physics-based puzzle game, in which all gameplay is centered around a single button. Holding it down activates Maggie’s magnetic powers, causing her to fly in the direction of the magnet point, a metal plate with 4 magnets attached. Releasing it allows Maggie to perform all manner of aerial stunts as she flies over gaps using gravity and built-up momentum. Launch Maggie into the lab and experience the unique layout of over 150 challenging levels!

Rule #1 (Fall 2022)

Slay waves of sentient metal geometry as you attempt to survive Rule #1’s first-person challenges! In this arena-based FPS with a rogue-lite twist of randomness, your only job is to blow up everything in sight while dodging incoming threats. Take down waves of metallic threats and their pixelated minions to keep your spicy female character from biting the dust!

Featuring a rude waifu who will tell you about causing him to die and reappear too many times, Rule #1 is a wall-breaking fourth treat that’s accessible enough to train newcomers to the genre and intense enough to help veterans to hone their skills. Situational awareness is paramount to success, especially as the difficulty escalates into hellish territory. No race will be the same, making this an experience you can come back to at any time, if the alluring heroine wasn’t already enough for that.

Until the Last Plane (Fall 2022)

It’s the story of people who fought in World War II, brave pilots who crossed the vast skies, and clever engineers who helped them manage their planes. In Until the Last Plane, you have been assigned to manage an airfield. Spend your military resources wisely, recruit pilots and create the right parts for your planes. When you’re ready, send a squadron to complete the next critical mission!

Gameplay in Until the Last Plane is varied, challenging, and customizable. From fixing planes and managing your workshop to dogfights and completing mini-games to dropping bombs on targets during missions and more, the full cycle of prep and run is represented with unique game mechanics. Master them all to turn the war machine in your favor.

Super Woden GP (autumn 2022)

Will you be able to reach the top of the motorsport world? Your story in Super Woden GP will see your career grow from limited resources and budgets to championships through a host of intense racing events. Buy a cheap car and register for your first races, then use your earnings to buy better vehicles, compete in bigger races and reach the top! Explore rally racing, arcade mode, endurance events and more in the nostalgic isometric racing style of Super Woden GP.

Inspired by classics of the 90s genre, Super Woden GP features a huge range of vehicles and showcases its campaign options through an intuitive world map interface. Collect over 70 cars from 6 manufacturers from different countries around the world. Race through an expansive campaign mode, dozens of tracks, rally stages and championships on your way to victory, all set to a brilliant soundtrack to keep you going full speed ahead!

Pretty Girls Getaway (Fall 2022)

A new type of game joins the popular cute girls lineup! Pretty Girls Escape is a puzzle where the objective is to eliminate blocks of the same color by moving them to the left or to the right. As you match and connect, the lines disappear and allow character blocks stacked on top to fall lower on the screen. Take the character blocks to the exit at the bottom of the pile and you win!

As you progress, new outfits will be revealed and unlocked for your companions, which can then be viewed in the Dressing Room mode or even used to create your own dioramas with the girls you meet. Are you smart enough to save all the girls?

Bot Gaiden (Fall 2022)

Not for the faint-hearted, Bot Gaiden is all about action, execution and speed! Ninja robots Robyu and Bytron race to retrieve the energy skulls that have been stolen by each of Giorqio’s 6 Hench-bots. Slicing through everything in their path, they must quickly reach their destination. Hench-bots get stronger with time and exposure to skulls. The faster you go, the easier the fight! However, going faster means putting yourself in danger and trying to find the most efficient path through each stage.

Bot Gaiden is designed to be a shared experience, regardless of skill mismatch. Do you have a child who is just learning? Team up. Do you have a boyfriend who just stinks of action games? Bring them! You can teleport to your partner at any time. Lagging players can instantly catch up and experienced players can lend a hand, instantly.

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