Compact industrial cobot offers enhanced motion control


Photo credit: Universal Robots

Universal Robots UR20 cobot boasts an all-new design based on Universal Robots’ experience in highly refined engineering.

The UR20 features an entirely new seal design that is claimed to allow for even faster cycle times, as well as the ability to handle heavier loads. Its 1,750mm reach has been designed to work the full height of the standard European pallet, which the company says will transform the way companies pack and palletise. Its small footprint will allow companies to do more in their existing production space. The cobot would weigh 44 pounds. 69″ payload and reach.

In addition to palletizing, Universal Robots expects the UR20 to be used for welding, material handling, loading and machine maintenance, as well as innovative solutions created by its vast ecosystem of partners.

Universal Robots engineers have completely redesigned the arm while maintaining the same user interface as previous models. According to the company, the benefits of the UR20 include significant advances in cycle times and the ability to handle heavier loads. The cobot also features advanced software enhancements, said to provide users with unprecedented motion control capabilities.

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