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In addition to announcing the new Poke Balls for Pokemon Homea cloud service that allows players to transfer Pokemon between compatible games and devices, The Pokemon Company offers a preview of two upcoming video game entries in the Pokemon game franchise — pokemon scarlet and Pokemon Violet. The new trailer dropped earlier today and shows off the new Pokemon, the new open-world games region, and its release date. You can watch the trailer below:

According Polygonboth pokemon scarlet and Pokémon Violet will be released on November 18 this year for Nintendo Switch, a handheld console that has finally come down in price five years after the initial launch. Both games are announced today and feature new, as yet unnamed regions in the game as common ground for players to catch Pokemon. The trailer also introduced some never-before-seen Pokémon, including the new Lechonk, Smoliv, and Pawmi.

Game Freak, the developer, has implemented multiplayer gameplay in pokemon scarlet and Purple, allowing up to four players to trade and battle Pokémon and explore new regions to come together. Both games were announced earlier this year, revealing new locations and the next generation of Pokemon, especially those that have started, like Sprigaitio – a small, attention-grabbing Grass Cat Pokemon. There’s also Fuecoco, a laid-back fire-type that likes to do things at its own pace, and Quaxly, a duckling Pokémon.

This is the first big news about upcoming games since they were announced, as The Pokemon Company has remained silent and offered no previews of upcoming releases. According to our previous report, upcoming games will feature at least 50 Pokemon, including the previously mentioned starter Pokemon. The open world setting is certainly nothing new in the game. Pokemon franchise, as is the case for the next sonic borders, but pokemon scarlet and Purple offer a new vision of the open world.

It is said that the cities of the game for pokemon scarlet will have no boundaries but seemingly blend into the environment, with Pokemon, both tame and wild, roaming around – just like in Arceus, released on January 28. Apparently Game Freak has recognized the value and demand from gamers for a more open world Pokemon games and decided to fully embrace the concept. Congratulations, where congratulations are due. And while that’s all great, there are a few questions the fandom would love to have answered.

For example, we still don’t know the exact difference between pokemon scarlet and Purple, except that the game’s trainer (the player character) will be different in both cases. The spiritual predecessors of these titles, 1996 Pokemon Red and Pokemon Blue, featured notable distinctions between the Pokemon available in-game and different prices for the same Poke companion (you can buy them with coins). These accolades would be nice in future games, just to get around the difference between trainers being the only benefit of owning both games.

Fans of the franchise would also like to know if these games would be compatible with Pokemon Home and how much? It’s a little strange to have two more Pokemon releases within a year during which franchise so much offered, but we won’t argue with Nintendo – we actually welcome the company’s decision to release more titles. So watch out for both pokemon scarlet and Purple when released on November 16.

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