Burger King just insulted all customers who don’t use its app



Burger King/Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk

The app economy was a glorious revelation.

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You can see it every time Apple presents quarterly results.

However, people usually turn to apps because they’re easy, convenient, or just because they love a brand so much that they want to be much closer to it.

Still, not everyone wants their phone to be filled with pages and pages of apps. Some like to live a little more restricted life, without being tempted by the slightest gleam on their screen.

Which brings me to this philosophical question: Are these people stupid?

I only ask because Burger King seems to think they are.

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The burger chain just released a series of ads in the UK that come out and say it. Burger King app users are simply smarter than those who don’t care.

A sample of messages on Burger King billboards: “Smart people have our app. Others cheer when the plane lands.”

I already sense that your whore is being chased by another whore.

How about this then: “Smart people have our app. Other people wear fake glasses.”

You are blinded by laughter now, surely. This is the funniest “You’re Totally Stupid” campaign you’ve ever seen.

The creators of these works told Advertising week that it is an example of the “irreverence” of the brand.

Burger King isn’t the first fast-food brand to try to get customers to download its app. Chick-fil-A, for example, has created a two-land drive-thru system, where one lane is reserved for mobile orders.

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But some might think that telling your customers they’ll ignore if they don’t download your app has a downside. It might suggest that you haven’t done the best job of selling it, even if you think you’re being irreverent.

As fast food prices continue to rise, perhaps more customers will feel like they’re not getting quite the value they’re used to. Maybe they will find ways to cook cheaper at home.

Maybe they’re trying to follow Reverend Tim Cook’s saying and try to use their phones less. They may be extremely nervous pilots who are only too happy when the plane lands, so they cheer.

Generally, the funny Burger King is really very funny. Why, the brand once tried to suggest a good reason to download its app is that its restaurants are really quite awful. The good funny always embraces a great element of truth.

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Somehow, though, after seeing this campaign, I’m not so sure.

I’m afraid if I already had the Burger King app on my phone I’d be tempted to delete it. Or would that be stupid of me?

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