Beijing World Robot Conference presents various application scenarios


The World Robot Conference 2022 taking place in Beijing showcases the latest innovation results from the robot industry, with specific application scenarios.

The conference covers a forum, an expo and a robot competition as well as many supporting activities. More than 130 companies participated in the conference, contributing more than 500 products, including more than 30 robots recently launched to the world.

The conference paid great attention to robot application scenarios and demonstrated various ways of connecting robots to other industries.

“This year, we received support from 24 international institutions. Many advanced technologies are on display at the conference. These are all cutting-edge technologies in the robotics industry,” said Liang Jing, deputy secretary general of the China Institute of Electronics.

During the Conference, a 3D printing robot caught the attention of many visitors with the objects it had produced, including very stylish benches.

Exhibitor Zhang Qiutong said that when using the 3D printing robot to produce objects, they adopted blockchain technology, to ensure the transparency of the manufacturing process and the traceability of data.

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