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Manufacturing journalist TR Cutler recently interviewed Carsten Funke of Picavi, the leader in Pick-by-Vision technology. Funke and Cutler discussed sparkling wine producer, Schloss Wachenheim’s custom Picavi facility; the company has reduced the error rate in order picking and optimized productivity and work safety. Read the full article in AutomationMedia.

According to Funke, “A high level of order picking is required, especially during heavy promotional sales, on days like Black Friday and in the run up to Christmas. In current business, weekly deliveries to the 35 stores, each with up to 80 items and around 5,000 bottles, are also prepared from Trier. This is a daunting task for the order pickers in the warehouse, for which the managers at Schloss Wachenheim wanted to provide them with digital support. »

“In practice, the advantages of Pick-by-Vision quickly became apparent. Thanks to smart glasses, the time required can be significantly reduced, as the tedious final inspection is directly integrated into the order picking process. For this purpose, the barcode of the article was linked to that of the corresponding box. The picker finally scans it at the item’s storage location to confirm the product,” Funke added.

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