Automation and connectivity features improve machine data platform efficiency


MachineMetrics Inc., a company in the machine data collection and production analytics industries, has released additional features, expanding the ways its solution connects and captures machine data. Additionally, new automation capabilities are intended to enable manufacturers to eliminate tedious and tedious manual tasks and achieve greater visibility and efficiency across the entire shop floor.

Photo credit: MachineMetrics Inc.

Automated production tracking allows manufacturers to capture operational data used to track production performance – such as cycle counts, cycle times, part counts and more – directly from the machine without requiring of human interaction, giving them a complete view of what’s going on throughout their production. facilities.

The Automated Operational Data Flow to Business Systems feature enables manufacturers to automate the flow of operational data to external systems, such as ERP or MES, to inform and track work orders without the need to enter or manually manipulate the data.

ifm’s IO-Link connector allows manufacturers to gain a more comprehensive view of the conditions surrounding their machines in order to identify and reduce downtime associated with machine problems, according to MachineMetrics. With the ability to connect to 27,000 sensors available from ifm, manufacturers have the ability to capture non-measured environmental variables through machine control – such as ambient temperature, humidity and process fluid temperature. cooling – and use MachineMetrics to analyze and create automations to act on the data provided.

The Universal Robots Connector extends MachineMetrics’ footprint on the shop floor by helping customers connect and capture valuable data from any piece of equipment from Universal Robots, a provider of industrial collaborative robots (or cobots) that automate and streamline repetitive industrial processes.

Packaged CMMS integrations allow real-time machine health data to automatically trigger critical maintenance activities in the CMMS system. This was designed to enable manufacturers to resolve machine problems faster and more efficiently, reduce downtime and improve machine condition.

The tool wear monitoring feature allows high-volume manufacturers to optimize tool life using high-frequency machine data captured at the source. By tracking tool wear patterns and anticipating tool breakage, customers can save tooling costs, help prevent unscheduled downtime, reduce scrap, and improve product quality.

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